A Towel That Will Save the Ocean


Is there anything better than shopping AND giving back?  Save the world’s oceans one towel at a time with The Riviera Towel Company.  

Dare to be inspired

Shannon and Albert DiPadova were inspired by their profound love of the world’s oceans and desire to give back. They founded The Riviera Towel Company to encourage positive change and to help support 12 unique, maritime foundations.

These towels are the new benchmark for luxury and versatility. Specifically designed to be lightweight and dry quickly means no more, heavy wet towels to lug from the beach or pick up from the bathroom floor. Packs tightly for luggage, rucksack or beach bag. Intended to save you money and the environment too!

Collections that reflect the places that spark inspiration

The DiPadova’s latest super-popular, round style Channel Island Collection welcomes you with a laid-back attitude.

Santa Cruz is reminiscent of its rocky, volcanic heritage surrounded by serene blue waters and playful breezes. Anacapa perfectly reflects the sharp, lava cliffs and crevasses with shallow barrier beaches, hiking trails and rocky outcrops. Both reverse to imitate the clean, crisp, white of, fluffy clouds. These towels are the ideal accompaniment while exploring your world.


Composed of 100% cotton the Turkish towels in the Chevron Collection offer the chic, classic design. It’s an absolute must for the water-loving aquanaut or well-dressed home. Inspired by our their favorite seas and marine life from the tranquil waters off the coast of the Virgin Islands to the clown fish of Florida.


A discreet tag makes it fully reversible and a simple care style is a joy. Easy to use as a sarong, shawl, shrug or as a timeless accent piece in your home.







Inspiring the next generations

One of the many charities that The Riviera Towel company partners with is the Channel Islands Park Foundation, which began in 2005 and is the only non-profit, philanthropic partner with the Channel Islands National Park. Help them preserve this exceptional environment through a donation or as a volunteer. Their vision is to cultivate opportunities “to invest time, talent or treasure” to meaningfully contribute to their protection and preservation.




“Many of us ask what can I, as one person, do, but history shows us that everything good and bad starts because somebody does something or does not so something.” Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer




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