Tomas Doncker: The Mess We Made

The Mess We Made: © 2015 Tomas Doncker

Let’s face it, there is a serious burden revolving around almost every major issue that becomes society’s responsibility to fix things. However, what if those obligations become part of an individual’s quest to express themselves through music and help spread awareness that way.

Tomas Doncker vocally highlights all this through his album titled: The Mess We Made.  Compromised of strong lyrics and tracks, it becomes a bit difficult to detach and/or deny from listening to the entire album.

There are certain favorite sections within each song – making it easy to relate one or several songs to certain events through life.

For example, “Some ‘Ol Dolls,” lead into the next track “Church is Burning Down,” explaining the turmoil between how society accepts and deals with adversity, new challenges, obstacles, new rules of control and other minutiae.

This is a great album and compilation delivering honesty, truth, authenticity without filters of any kind and keeps on delivering the same message in a different tone throughout the entire album.

On the contrast, don’t be fooled because Tomas Doncker also manages to deliver to a silver lining through his music, as well.

If you carefully listen and digest his music with an open (not judgmental mind), there are some positive messages shared through the soundwaves. It’s as if they are speaking right into you unaware of their purpose.

One of the favorites on this album is the song titled “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for.” If it sounds familiar it’s a rendition of U2’s hit song – and trust me I will and would never disrespect a newer version of such a meaningful and memorable tune – regardless when it is remixed and/or by whom.

Overall, great album.

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