The Parka: From the Polar Arctic to Fashion Week

Parka Collection © Laura Ciccarelli

From the Arctic Pole to the catwalks of the fashion week, there is no better time for introducing the Parka. Innovated from polar bear and seal fur – this classic accessory has since then been replaced by more contemporary and colorful fabrics.

Back in the day from the Inuit to the military of World War II –trending and changing from the 60’s youngsters to the current time of workers – representing the Meatpacking District of New York, the Parka, has evolved with history and still remains to retain valuable functionality other than protecting from the rigid cold weather.

Currently, as its popularity is slowly spreading worldwide, the Parka is conquering all the windows and shops wardrobing every woman – or man.

For all fashionistas, the runway is basically a second home – and after attending a few productions, you always know there is always a surprise waiting at any given moment.The models become the brand. As for the Parka, the garment speaks for itself especially during the 2016-2017 Autumn-Winter Parka collection.

Whether the mainstream tags Parkas as sportswear, sport-chic and/or urban style; long or short, the parka can be paired with any outfit and look – from the most casual to cheeky and luxury. Highlighting the traditional military olive to bottle and moss green, there are plenty of colors to suit every personality from navy blue to dark gray – which may replace the classic trench coat put together. If you want to throw some spice into your wardrobe then you can also pick from tartan red, mustard, pink and blue sky.

As a writer and fashion lover, my favorite Parkas are framed with colorful fur – protecting the face from the weather and making a statement on the streets.

If your wardrobe craves a little excitement, the Parka is a must have. If you need more insight and inspiration, look no further than Zara, Bershka, Dorothy Perkins, Burberry, Antonio Marras, Prada and Mr & Mrs. Italy stores – just to name a few. On the flip side, if you prefer to shop on the sofa at home, you will find an infinite number of brands fit for your style on Amazon, as well.

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Laura Ciccarelli was born in Italy on February 3rd, 1986. She graduated in Law and worked first for a Law Firm and then decided to join her family's company working in the transportation's sector. Laura loves travelling and discover the world through Food, Fashion and Art. That's the reason why she decided to open a blog on lifestyle called "3 Lauren Avenue", to write about her feelings and moods mirroring her world's exploration.