Teknofonics: House music all night long!

Teknofonic Essentials Vol 1

I love when good music transports to another world. Enter Teknofonics! Ok first of all, as a music lover and particularly drawn to the house music industry this is right up the alley. At first, I expected a loud and continuous and monotonous track list, however, after listening to the album in its entirety, I just started to slowly get into a comfortable groove.

It’s similar to when you’re running and after slowly settling down, you finally get into a nice pace and slowly zone out. Adam Reifsteck code name for his studio name (Sonic Fear) founded the company in 2015 and has since then sought out to showcase new and emerging breakthrough EDM artists including the list below showing off their skills on the turntables.

It’s hard to pick a favorite since all listed artists including Daniel Monroe, Upper Regions, Jon Lambousis, 3logit,This Human Condition, Psychotropic, Scott Cameron, Acid Daze, J Tizzle, Cypha Da Moonchild, Time No More, Elastic Plastic Generation, Hyphontriq (feat. Infinite Crown), Ermias, Boom, M!nts, Derrick Anthony, Perry Engineering, S.G.B., and Addliss.


Also, let’s not forget to pay homage to the creative tracks that accommodate and compliment each artist’s internal perspective of the world. For example Daniel Monroe’s “Novocaine,” and now I know what it sounds and feels like when “Obama Goes to Cuba,” presented by Derrick Anthony.

Oh and for a little down tempo and chill situation plug into Sonic Fear’s”I’ll Be Your World (ft Veela) – just in time to pick it back up again with a wave of interchanging beats. This is the kind of album you listen to as you’re getting ready to paint the town red or in the car while driving to the ultimate party destination, in Miami or Vegas. Album dropped on April 15, so in the meantime, I’ve got only one question for Teknofonics. When is Ibiza?!

The deets:

Website: www.teknofonic.com
Facebook: facebook.com/teknofonic
Twitter: twitter.com/teknofonic
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/teknofonic


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