Taste of the Bruery. Clinton Hall NYC. © 2015 NY Social Agenda (www.nysocialagenda.com)

Welcome to downtown, Manhattan.

Tucked away on Washington Street was a secret high-end Beer Garden Hall called Clinton Hill – and this is where the fun begins.

On June 18, the day called for the social agenda to detour downtown and check out the hype behind The Bruery’s (not a typo) pre-launch tasting event.

As always when invites are honored, the main expectation is to have a great time, meet new people, and live to tell about it – in hopes to repeat it once again in the future.

Mission completed.

Salted pretzels, jalapeno waffle fries, and perfectly fried cauliflower created a temporary landing pad for the delicious brew tasting ahead.

First on deck and randomly selected was the Trade Winds. I’m not a beer professional at any means, however since the palate is used to light beers, it perfectly quenched the thirst.

Sure, let’s have another!

After all, when hanging out with The Bruery, that’s what you should do. Other great samples included Chocolate Rain and vegetable beers such as the Xata.

The best part was meeting Mike Noble – the in-house brewmaster genius behind the scenes.

It was great for him to come around and get a bit more personable with guests by greeting them and guiding everyone through their tasting experience.

By the way, (and even though spreading rumors is a bit brash), you will be delighted to know the following information.

At the end of June (think around July’ish) the Lure Group which owns Clinton Hall will introduce a sister location called West End Hall on the Upper West Side.

Yes! That only means all bases are covered and you can expect more cool features from this new location, similar to Clinton Hall.

Did you know Clinton and West End Hall are perhaps the only establishments offering and using on-site flux capacitors?

Try saying that five times.

By the way, this has nothing to do with the Back to the Future movies. Similar name but completely separate.

This is the most advanced beer technology in the industry and it basically calibrates nitrogen and carbon dioxide while adjusting the compression of each individually crafted beer.

The process controls equal amounts of gas that is blended within each recipe – leaving a perfectly blended beer serving every single time.

Nothing wrong with that all.

Also, adding to the rumor, West End Hall (106 & Broadway) is currently open and similar to Clinton Hall, you will have 20 craft beers on tap that use the Flux Capacitor and will host ongoing craft breweries tasting events.

Great event? Definitely. For more information on upcoming events and new flavors coming your way, click here. See you at the official Bruery launch fiesta in a few weeks.

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