Spoil Us Rotten


Tucked away in the heart of Tribeca is the sanctuary otherwise known as Haven Spa. Marked only by a small sign overhead, if you’re not looking closely, you just might miss it. However, that would be a shame, as behind the doors sit a rare jewel of relaxation painted in shades of purple.

courtesy of Haven Spa

The Haven Spa offers a multitude of packages from blow outs and manicures to massages and skin firming treatments. However if you want to sample everything the spa has to offer, check out the Spoil Me Rotten package, a 6 hour all-day treatment which will leave you pampered from head to toe.

You’re probably wondering if it’s worth the price, so we went over to the spa and suffered through a full day of being pampered just for you. You’re welcome! It’s certainly a hard job, but someone had to do it!

We arrived at Haven Spa and were checked in by the friendly hosts at the reception desk. After touring the facility and changing into our robes and slippers, we sat down in the beautiful relaxation room (it’s more of a nook filled with plush purple couches and a table full of fresh vegetables, fruits, teas and water) waiting to begin.

courtesy of Haven Spa

First up was an hour long massage to melt away the stress of the day. The full-body massage put us in a good mood as our masseuse applied pressure and expertly eased out all the tension. Next up was an island inspired scrub and scalp massage. We were directed to another room to be lathered in tropical coconut scrubs and lotions, which left our skin amazingly soft.  

During the Island Wrapture body treatment expect to have your entire body exfoliated and scrubbed. You’re then wrapped up to let everything sink into your skin. While your enjoying your cozy wrap, you have the option of being treated to an oil scalp treatment. We’d recommend saying yes, and enjoying a delectable scalp massage that’s also great for your hair follicles (now that’s a win-win!) Then lay down while the Vichy Showers clean you off without ever leaving the table. After your fully moisturized, it’s time to go into the next room for an 80 minute facial.

After almost an hour and a half of having your pores steamed, your skin cleansed, moisturized and all those pesky blackheads extracted, it’s time for lunch. It’s amazing how several hours of laying there being pampered works up an appetite.

For lunch, you’re offered a selection of wraps, sandwiches and salads to choose from in their relaxation waiting room. The lunch seems like something they just ordered from a local deli and is served on plastic plates. Other patrons waiting for their treatment may give you strange looks, as it does feel a bit out of place to be eating there, especially if you’re on your own. While not anything special, it does fill you up so you’re ready for the last leg of your day.

While an average manicure and pedicure are great, you need to experience a Haven Foot and Hand Renaissance, which puts the aforementioned services to shame. From an amazing foot and hand massage, to the heated socks/gloves which warm you up and let the creams melt in, it truly is a noteworthy experience. Complete the day with the application of the polish of your choosing and then it’s time to slip out of your relaxation daze, say goodbye and rejoin the rest of humanity.

Final Thoughts:

Overall the day was completely amazing. The only cons we could find were that it was really like having 4 separate treatments, rather than one long continuous experience. Each service was performed by a different technician in a different room.

Moving around did break up the experience, but for the price, we’re certainly not complaining. This whole day of beauty will set you back a mere $575, which compared to similar services in spas around NY is an amazing deal!

However, if you want a taste of everything they have to offer, rather than a full day feast, try one of their smaller sample packages.

courtesy of Haven Spa


Haven Spa

250 Mercer Street New York, NY, 10012





-Janine Silver