Pearl 1954 Cashmere

Pearl 1954 Cashmere © 3LaurenAvenue

A brand: Pearl 1954. A shadow: Mademoiselle Coco Chanel. Yes, Coco, as Pearl 1954, the Swiss brand of luxury accessories, was born as a tribute to the founder of the French Maison.

“Pearl” refers to the string of pearls that Madame Coco loved to wear and “1954” to the year the Maison re-opened again, after a long period during the “Swiss exile”.

The Pearl 1954 brand produces scarves and shawls in Cashmere and Silk – in Italy and in the best companies in the world. It inspires to highlight the sophisticated and austere style of Coco Chanel and with elegance – while simultaneously managing to express the creations seem contemporary and youthful.


The fine fibers of the cashmere and silk are warm, fluffy – making the scarves comfortable and flexible to wear over jeans, leggings, and posh dresses-  and show – off a sort of “casual-chic-style.”

I especially love the brand’s  enveloping shawls, made unique by details in stones and palettes, and I find that some of the scarves in the collection have a further added value -as they reproduce and mirror works of art by young talented artists.

Last but not least, Pearl 1954 stands out for a rare nobility. In fact, its founder Mehdi Maurice, has decided to donate a percentage of each season’s profits to two causes very close to him: children with difficulties and the fight against Cancer.

For more information on the brand, click here.


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