PBR Competition: Ride ’em Cowboys

2016 PBR Built Ford Series. Madison Square Garden, NYC. © 2016 NY Social Agenda (www.nysocialagenda.com)

Eight seconds! That’s all. Nothing more but eight seconds. As the crowd cheers you on, all you have to do is concentrate, hold on and pray that you last for 8 seconds. Nothing more.

It’s not January until the annual PBR Competition comes knocking the doors of Madison Square Garden and honor Monster Energy Buck Off, part of the PBR Built Ford Tough Series (BFTS).

It’s a great time filled with entertainment fit for the entire family – and for anyone not too familiar with the sport, it’s a fantastic way to kick-off the bucket list of trying something for the new year.

Where to begin? Since the last go- round in 2015, it just made sense to repeat it once more this year. By the way this is not your average rodeo -it’s so much better.

Starting from January 15-17, is a competition unlike another – and trust that is not BS at all (no pun intended)

Scratch what you think you know, seen and experienced at your local bar with a mechanical bull – this is the real deal.

What draws people to Bull Riding? Is it the thrill combining and defining the tango dance between safe and danger? Similar to and quoting the movie Top Gun when Goose says to Maverick: “I got a need for speed.”

The excitement of the crowd is amplified more so than ever as Flint Rassmussen – (probably the most rodeo clown, ever) assists in increasing the noise and excitement, further

Yes, perhaps this is the world’s dangerous Sport determining a rider’s fate in a few seconds. There will be injuries and victories while creating amazing memories.

Shortly after a mini pre-party, the real fun begun that Friday as the grounds of Madison Square Garden were transformed into dirt and hosted quite a few Bucks, grunting and impatiently waiting for their turn to show off their end of the bargain – packed with 2000 pounds of machismo, in front of more than 34,900 fans over the weekend.

1 Paulo Ferreira Lima 12 4 7 1005 $151,704.40
2 Joao Ricardo Vieira 3 0 2 710 $24,050.00
3 Wallace Vieira de Oliveira 13 2 2 610 $42,675.68
4 Robson Pallermo 8 0 2 545 $13,727.95
5 Valdon De Oliveira 8 0 3 412.5 $23,222.52
6 Derek Kolbaba 10 4 5 310 $40,906.85
7 Mike Lee 10 1 1 285 $19,964.54
8 Kasey Hayes 2 0 1 280 $16,900.00
9 J.B Mauney 4 0 2 275 $13,204.63
10 J.W.Harris 3 1 1 250 $16,300.00

Congratulations to Paulo Ferreira Lima (Brazil) for becoming the new number 1 PBR rider of the season with a lump sum of $129,500 with an added bonus of $25,000 in the Built Tough Ford Series round – last but not least, Lima earned 725 PBR world standings points for finishing first place.

Not bad at all for three days worth of physical “work.” For more information on the PBR, go to PBR.com, or follow on Facebook at Facebook.com/PBR, Twitter at Twitter.com/PBR, and YouTube at YouTube.com/PBR. See you at the next rodeo!