Packing for Business Class


Traveling for work can be many things; exciting, hectic, overwhelming and exhausting. Whether you love business travel or cringe at the idea of visiting a new city only to be stuck in a boardroom, we’ve found the best products to make your trip go as smoothly as possible.

You don’t need to be going on a business trip to enjoy and make use of our favorite travel gear though, all of it would be just as useful for a family vacation or friends getaway too!



A Smarter Bag

Bluesmart’s carry-on bag is everything you could possibly want in a suitcase and more. We love the built-in battery for charging our phone when on the go (no need to run around looking for an outlet anymore!) The bag also tracks itself through an app on your phone to prevent lost or stolen luggage and it even weighs itself!

Additionally, Bluesmart has a convenient padded pocket in the front to store your laptop in. Perfect for when you need to take your laptop out quickly to go through security or get some work done. Originally we were a little worried about having our laptop in a front pocket, but the team at Bluesmart thought of everything and that pocket locks with the rest of the case. Oh and did we mention that you can lock or unlock the entire bag from your phone?

The bag has a ton of room to store your clothes, shoes and personal belongings. Additionally, each bag comes with different chargers so you won’t need to use up one of your travel adapters to make sure your bag is fully charged for the rest of your trip! It really is the best travel bag!



Stay Organized:

These beautifully crafted leather envelope pouches from Graphic Image are perfect for storing receipts and business cards. They’ll keep your bag organized and look so much better than paper envelopes or sandwich bags if you need to pass along your contact info to a potential new business connection!


If You’re Heading Straight Off the Plane and into the Office:


Image courtesy of Betabrand

Image courtesy of Betabrand

When going from airport to client meetings, there isn’t much time to change out of your comfortable sweats and into something a bit more appropriate. Lucky for you we found clothing so comfortable you can easily go from air plane to boardroom without having to find a restroom to change in.

Check out Betabrand’s Dress Pant Yoga Pants. They come in a bevy of cuts and colors and look just as great in the office as they do in the airport.

Image courtesy of Betabrand

We tested out the crepe and classic black styles to see if they were comfortable enough for a long flight and sophisticated enough to wear to work. While we expected the crepe fabric to perhaps look a little less like were going to the gym, we were pleasantly surprised with both options. They are not only comfy, but also look very stylish. We loved the thicker fabrics and faux zipper and pockets to really give it a classic look.

Image courtesy of Betabrand


If you’re in a more conservative office, you may want to pair these pants with a long duster jacket or vest as they do hug a little tight on your rear end (after all, they are yoga pants, don’t forget.) However, with so many beautiful longer jackets and sweater on the market, these can certainly work for anyone.

Image courtesy of Betabrand




For the perfect jacket, try Baubax’s Blazer. This seemingly ordinary blazer is a traveler’s dream. Complete with many compartments and pockets to store everything from your iPad to your passport (yes there is a pocket big enough for an iPad! Although we don’t suggest leaving your iPad in it as it’s not very comfortable with a large flat screen pressed into your rib cage.)

Image courtesy of Baubax

Some of our favorite features are the zip off detachable hood with built-in eye mask to get some shut eye with. The Baubax promotional video also showcases a neck pillow attached inside the hood, but in reality it is a separate piece which could be stored in the hood pocket (although we don’t recommend it, it’s a bit heavy.)

In the sleeves are removable fingerless gloves to keep your hands warm on long flights. We love this feature and how easy it is to push them down into the sleeves or unbutton them to take them out.

Image courtesy of Baubax

On the right side of the jacket is a sunglass pocket and even a built-in sunglass wipe, perfect for making sure your glasses stay smudge proof. It’s also great for cleaning off phone screens and camera lenses.

Another great feature is the pen/stylus zipper pull. Just pull the kaleidoscope pen out of the zipper and you’re able to jot down a few notes or fill out your customs card. Flip it over and you have a handy stylus for your phone or tablet.

Be sure to check out all of Baubax’s awesome features as there are just too many list. With the add-on hood, it’s like having a hoodie and a stylish blazer in one!

Image courtesy of Baubax


While we wouldn’t recommend filling the jacket to the brim with all of your devices and travel gear (it’s just a little much), you certainly could, if you needed to!


Stay Juiced:

The worst part of travel is looking for an outlet! While the
Bluesmart suitcase can keep your phone charged on your trip, what about your laptop? That’s where the TYLT Smart Charger 7X comes in. This wall charger with a built-in battery can keep your laptop (and all your other devices) powered up while on the move.


We love the convenience of having one device to charge our computers at home and while on the move. Plus for long flights or car rides, you can’t beat having a power bank strong enough to charge your laptop on hand!



While we normally wouldn’t recommend walking around with forks and knives (you could, but were not sure why you would) Integral’s compact Chopsticks fold down to the size of a stylus (it’s actually like carrying around 2 styluses.) While perfect for a delicious sushi meal, they also might come in handy if you purchase any snacks on the roads and forget to ask for a fork.


A Leather Valet:

A collapsable valet tray such as this beautiful leather option by Graphic Image may seem a little outdated, but bare with us for a minute.

Have you ever finished a long day only to empty your pockets on the hotel’s end table and hoped that you didn’t knock it all of while turning off your alarm or checking your phone in the morning? If so, this handy tray could make all the difference.

Place in it your hotel key, your phone, jewelry, and anything else you acquired throughout the day. When it’s time to go, flatten it out and leave it in the front pocket of your suitcase.


Protect and Organize:

We love Cocoon’s 15” laptop + 10” Tablet Slim Backpack. Not only will it protect all your devices but the front pocket folds down to reveal a whole organizational grid system of elastics. Why is this important? This gridded system is amazing at keeping your items accessible. Now, rather than digging through your bag looking for your lipgloss or for your phone charger you can easily see where everything is! Store your wires and cords in the grid, your markers and pens, your makeup, toiletries, really just about anything.



All Your Cables in One:

A 6-in-1 cable made by our friends at Chafon means no more tangled messes! Rather than carrying lots of different wires, you can easily take one of these with you and know you’ll be able to get power to all your gadgets. While they say it’s 6-in-1, it’s really only 5 different types (2 Micro USB’s, a Mini USB, an 8 Pin Lightning and a Type C), which isn’t bad at all! The last one that they are counting is the USB cable, the same one you’d have on the end of any standard cable to plug into an outlet or laptop.

Regardless, if you use multiple devices regularly, you can’t beat the simplicity of having all the cords together!




You probably always travel with a pair of sunglasses or two to keep the sun out of your eyes. However, packing sunglasses is annoying. You either take with you bulky cases or risk breaking them.

Integral’s Flipcase, a collapsable leather sunglass case, is the answer. This hard sunglass case will protect your glasses when you’re not wearing them. When the sun comes out and you need them, fold it flat to save room in your purse or carry- on.






Take Note:

Perfect for taking notes at meetings, conducting interviews for journalists or spying on the competition, RYL-Pen VRA Professional Pen Voice Recorder has you all set.

Disguised as a working ballpoint pen, it instantly turns into a recorder with a single twist. Open the pen to reveal a USB flash drive that plugs directly into your computer, to quickly hear all of your recordings, which can be timestamped for easy accessibility. 

The pen has a 25 day standby mode and can record approximately 144 hours. We love how discreet and compact this recorder is, but still has amazing quality. Great for sensitive information and the perfect way to make sure you didn’t forget anything that was said when you get home from your trip.

This pen’s recording system can also be manually or voice activated, meaning you can leave it behind and it will start recording as soon as someone speaks, it’s the ultimate spy gadget!

For this and more check out




A Dress for Every Occasion:


Image courtesy of Betabrand

Betabrand’s Round-Trip Dress in Digital Pool will take you from a work event to dinner. The trendy geometric print side is perfect for exploring in your free time while the navy side looks polished and elegant.

Both the printed and navy side can be worn as a scoop neck or be turned around for a higher neckline, making it appropriate for any situation.

We adore the circle skater-style skirt, fitted bodice and wrinkle-resistant material (which means you can fall asleep on the plane in it and it will still look just as good; trust us we put it to the test!)

Image courtesy of Betabrand
Image courtesy of Betabrand





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