Packing for an Adventure


(or even a non adventure)


Hiking, biking, snowboarding, kayaking… you want to do it all and you certainly don’t want anything weighing you down. When packing for an adventure trip it’s most important to find items that are light weight, can hold their own when faced with unexpected bad weather and it helps if they fold down really small!
We’ve rounded up our favorite products perfect to bring on any trip. They are especially useful if you find yourself in the woods or on top of a mountain, but can be just as handy if tanning on a beach is the only way you plan to commune with nature.

A Foldable Rain Coat: 

Andrew Marc’s Marc New York Teri Jacket is made from a translucent, water-repellent, unlined fabric that is completely breathable, making it both extremely lightweight and fashionable. The Teri features a hood, two pockets and tucks away into it’s own pouch located in the left pocket. Never find yourself caught in an unexpected shower again!


However, if you’re going to be hiking through a downpour, we recommend Columia’s Outdry Ex Casual Jacket. Made with OutDry Extreme Membrane,

this jacket was made for protecting you form the elements. It’s thin and light (although not as light as Marc New York’s Teri.) It’s oversized hood and extra
tall collar will keep you dry on all your adventures. We love how it’s slightly longer in the back, the only downside is the sleeves tend to run a bit long.




A Place to Stash Your Stuff:

When going for a run or exploring a new destination, the last thing you need to worry about is a cumbersome purse or pack. The HSX Sport Belt brought to you by HipSisters is the perfect way to keep your music and essentials at-hand, while exploring your new destination hands free. The sleek design is great for both men and women alike and the zippered pockets fit your cell phone and all your other adventure essentials.

Compress and Organize Your Clothing:

If you’re anything like us, I’m sure you’ve neatly packed for a trip only to find everything shifted in transit. Then you need to take everything out just to find the one item you need! It’s a pain and a huge waste of time!

Seg Sac by Gobi Gear does more than just compress your items, with it’s different compartments built to keep you extra organized. With the Seg Sac, you’ll know where everything is at all times, making it easy to remove only the item you need and keep everything else neatly packed away!

The durable Cordura fabric is lightweight and splash resistant, designed to last. Even if you’re not going on an adventure trip, this compression sack is a great way to fit more into your carry-on to avoid those pesky airline baggage fees!

Travel Towels:

A small towel which doesn’t take up much room is especially important if you’re going to be spending time in the great outdoors.

Sea to Sumit’s Pocket Towel is an ultra fine microfiber towel. It’s super absorbent, fast drying and comes in a greatbreathable case, which you can stuff the towel easily back into, once it’s dry. It’s a great high quality microfiber towel.

Wildhorn Outfitters Microlite Travel Towel is another great choice to look into, also boasting exceptional quality. It doesn’t feel quite as nice as the Pocket Towel, but it is slightly more absorbent. It’s also more convenient, as it comes in packs of three and features different size towels. Our only complaint would be that it’s difficult to perfectly fold it back into it’s little mesh pouch.


A Paper-Thin Shirt:

A lightweight, shirt specifically designed for dynamic aerobic activities is a must for anyone with an active lifestyle. Columbia’s Titan Ultra Half Zip Shirt features a wicking fabric with “sweat-activated super cooling” to manage your core temperature so you can keep cool even while pushing your limits.


We love the women’s soft seafoam green color, listed as “sea ice”, accented with aqua mesh fabric, designed for comfort and style.  Also available for men in voltage, super sonic and grey ash.



An Action Camera:

The S80 Mini HD Camera with night vision is perfect for capturing all the excitement of your trip!

It’s extremely small (about the size of your thumb) and has a wide camera angle to get the entire room in view. Packaged with a plethora of mounts, clips and accessories you can attach this camera to just about anything.

Our favorite feature is the waterproof casing which allows you to take this camera in the ocean or pool to record your adventures. Or use it for surveillance to watch over your hotel room and make sure no one is touching your belongings. With it’s motion detection key set to on, it will begin recording as soon as someone enters the room, even if it’s dark!

Biggest pro is certainly it’s size and lens. You can easily (and discretely) capture all your vacation memories by attaching it to a helmet or clipping it to your shirt. Biggest con is that it’s a little hard to figure out. Make sure to read the directions and play around with it for a while before taking it on an adventure, you wouldn’t want to miss something because you forgot to turn it on! Overall though it’s size, wide angle and waterproof case make this agreat camera, once you get the hang of it!

Pick one up and check out all the other amazing spy gear and mini cameras at  Spy Associates




A Foldable Pack:

You never know where you’ll end up so it’s important to always be prepared. A Foldable Day Pack like the ones from Sea to Summit fold-up into their own pouch which can easily clip onto a bag or be stored in a pocket. When you need it, open it up to reveal a full 20 liter backpack.

Ideal for going for a hike or a day at the beach!




A Way to Keep Your Devices Powered:


No outlet in sight? Not to worry; ZeroLemon’s Solar Juice 10000mAh External Battery uses solar energy to charge your devices. Just place the device in direct sunlight and when it’s indicator lights on the side are all blue, you’re ZeroLemon charger can work as powerbank, ready to charge all your devices! With dual USB output sockets and multilevel safety protection (to keep your device secure and prevent overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuiting) you’re sure to have plenty of juice powered by the sun’s energy!  It’s really the easiest to use and most convenient one we’ve tried so far!


Need a rugged cable to go with your charger? Look no further than Nomad’s Carabiner Charging Cables. They look like (and work like) normal carabiners, but inside are hidden cables. Offered in several different versions to charge everything from your iPhone and Android phones to your GoPros. This two-in-one combo is perfect when you’re on the go or just in your day-to-day life.  

Just clip one onto your bag and that’s it.  Now you no longer need to worry about forgetting your charger at home, or having your various cables get tangled in your bag!




Snow Boots to Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry:

Keep your feet warm on any snowy expedition in Columbia’s Minx Mid II Omni-Heat Lace Up Boot. Their thermal-reflective lining will keep your toes toasty, but not too hot, as it also has a waterproof-breathable membrane. The rubber soles provide traction and support so you can explore without worrying about sore feet!  Plus they look great for impromptu photoshoots with their quilted detailing and faux-fur trim.

If you’re not going to be trekking through gorgeous white-topped mountains (or if you’ll be spending your time attached to skis or snowboards) you might not want to waste precious suitcase space on boots. 

Enter Pakems, a foldable boot perfect for these situations. These boots come in three different sizes from low (which is more of a snowshoe) to a tall snow boot. The best part is they roll up and stow away in a small sling bag which can easily fit in your carry on, backpack or tote.

Keep them on you to change into after a day hitting the slopes or for an unexpected snowstorm. Downside? The flat soles don’t offer much support so they aren’t ideal to wear for a long hike. However, the water-repellent fabric and convenience of these fold-up boots make them a travel must!




A Truly Waterproof ProtectivePhone Case:

Even if your phone is “splash proof,” you’ll still probably want a great case which can actually be submerged into the water. Catalyst Waterproof Cases are drop proof, sand/dirt proof and waterproof up to 33ft. Unlike other cases which may protect your device from the elements, but compromise the sound quality or camera, Catalyst provides crystal clear photos and acoustics. It’s the perfect companion for snorkeling trips or underwater adventures and ideal to protect your phone from spills and drops (making it also kid-proof!)

We love how easily it is to scroll over the glossy screen and unlike other cases your finger doesn’t seem to grip to it, causing you to swipe a few times to check your Facebook
feed or read your emails. You can even still use fingerprint technology to unlock your phone with the case on due to the thin film over the home button!

This revolutionary case allows you to keep connected and capture all your memories, no matter where life takes you!


Comfortable Outdoor Seating:

You’ve probably seen these inflatable seats ideal for hot or cold temperatures all over your social media feed. The Lamzac Fatboy, easily blows up (once you get the hang of it) to a love seat for two or an inflatable day bed. It took us a while to figure out exactly how to inflate it, it’s not quiet as easy as it looks on their website and the fact that there was zero wind the first time we tried didn’t help either!

However, once we figured out the motion (open it quickly, ideally when a gust of wind blows and quickly close it one motion to “capture the wind.”) Once we had it blown up, we laid back and enjoyed the fruits of our labor. We love the hammock feel lying on the Fatboy, ideal to enjoy the great outdoors or take a nice rest in the warmth of the sun. Perfect for festivals, beach days, camping trips or even ski trips (Lamzac assures us it’s great in the snow; however, as it’s springtime here so we’ll have to take their word on that one – for now)


An Inflatable Lantern:

You may be familiar with LuminAID after their appearance on the hit TV show, Shark Tank. They developed an inflatable solar powered lantern that is not only waterproof, but also floats. Their goal is to make light accessible for everyone by partnering with charitable organizations to help
natural disaster victims.

We love the PackLite Spectra, with it’s 9 interchangeable colors (including white) you can easily bring the party with you wherever you go! Fantastic for camping and pool parties, the PackLite Spectra uses the same technology they supply to aid workers so it’s also handy in emergency situations.

Purchase their “Give Light, Get Light” package to help someone in need and you too can shine on.

Courtesy of LuminAID



A Lightweight Beach Blanket:


The Wildhorn Outfitters’ Sand Escape Outdoor Blanket is huge, perfect for groups of friends and family. The blanket is lightweight and packs down small. It even features 4 corner pockets to fill with weights or sand to keep your blanket in place even on the windiest of days. A small zippered pocket gives you a safe space to store and protect your valuables. The only con we found is that the toggle to keep it securely in it’s pouch broke the very first time we opened the blanket. However, it seems to stay in place even without it.



Leggings That Will Hold Up:

Columbia’s Trail Blaze Leggings are durable, with 4-way stretch and a stash pocket, perfect for an active lifestyle. However, they run a bit long. If you’re on the shorter side, might we recommend
the Brooklyn Bay Capri Leggings. These are also made from great thick wicking fabric with 4-way stretch and yes they too have a stash pocket. Between the flattering seams and comfortable fit, these are perfect for a yoga class or a day on the trails!



A Warm Coat Without the Bulk:

Coats can be bulky and annoying to travel with, especially if you won’t need it for the entirety of your trip. We went through some of the best lightweight coats that pack down to share our favorites with you.

Best for Everyday Use:

For an ultra thin, warm jacket, try Columbia’s Voodoo Falls 590 Turbodown Jacket. Made from responsibly sourced down, this jacket features an Omni-Heat reflective lining and is water resistant. It packs down incredibly flat and looks great on. It’s best feature though is in the material, as this coat keeps you warm without making you feel stuffy and overheated.


Ideal for Winter Sports:

Strafe’s Silver Queen Jacket is lightweight and breathable with a body-mapped liner and air permeable brushed tricot fleece and nylon taffeta. Ideal for winter sports, it features 2 large internal mesh pockets big enough for goggles and gloves as well as two zippered hand warmer pockets. It even comes with a removable powder skirt and fingerless gloves in the sleeves to keep you toasty and warm. The only downside is, this like many of the other winter coats, it does have very long sleeves and a snug fit.


Perfect for the Fashionista Hitting the Slopes:

Andrew Marc’s Marc New York’s Oakley is extremely stylish with it’s puffer-come-bomber jacket exterior. It features beautiful quilted detailing and flattering panels to accentuate your waist. Our favorite part is the hood hidden in the collar. Just unzip the back of the collar if it starts to drizzle. The hood is very thin, but it will do the job to protect your hair. Whe
n the sun is back, roll the hood back into the collar for a more streamlined fashion-forward look.


For A Trip to the Arctic Tundra (or Just Some Place Really Cold):

For a truly large scale adventure, we recommend a coat which can be worn multiple ways. Rather than packing several coats for every type of circumstance, a three-in-one option means you’ll be prepared no matter the situation.

Columbia’s OutDry Ex Gold Interchange Trench is a raincoat, a lightweight coat and a heavy coat, all-in-one. Wear it together, as it comes, to brave the coldest winter storm. The Omni-Heat reflective breathable lining will keep you warm while the OutDry Extreme exterior made from a water-tight m
embrane will keep you dry.

For a day that’s not quite so brutal, simply unzip the inside lining and unsnap the buttons (which hold it together) and you have two separate jackets, a lightweight puffer and a water resistant raincoat! The only down side is the sleeves on this jacket also tend to be a bit long so keep that in mind when purchasing.





A Sundress in a Pouch:

Have you ever wished you thought to bring a cool sundress to change into after a long day? If so, Betabrand’s Quick-Change Travel Dress is for you. This silky-feeling floral dress folds up into it’s own pocket (yes, it has pockets!) for an emergency dress you can keep on you at all times! Perfect to change into when you can’t wait to get out of your gym clothes or for a walk on the beach.

Courtesy of Betabrand


Courtesy of Betabrand



Disclosure: Some of the products in this post were given to us to test and some of links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we have tested out and love or use personally.