How to Pack for a Fashionable Getaway


When it comes to packing, we’re always faced with what I like to refer to as the “traveler’s dilemma.” It consists of that inner turmoil of packing too much vs. the fear of not having enough. When faced with that decision, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself, such as, do you really want to lug your whole wardrobe through the airport?

On the other hand, while you can probably get by on a single sundress and a pair of jeans, you’re bound to take a hundred photos which will likely end up on Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, etc. Plus there’s always that chance that you’ll end up with a last minute invitation to a party or fancy restaurant, neither of which you’d want to attend in the same cover up you wore earlier to the pool.

While we can’t solve all your packing problems, we have rounded up some of our favorite products to take on your next vacation to stay organized, connected and very fashionable.


Stand out travel accessories:


Graphic Image’s White Gold Metallic Goatskin Luggage Tag will help your bag stand out on the carousel. We love the pretty color, sure to complement all your checked bags.




A pretty case will protect your passport and make it easier to find in your purse. We found some Insta worthy ones such as CR Gibson’s Pink and Gold “I’m So Outta Here!” passport holder, and we love the texture on Graphic Image’s Metallic Ring Lizard Leather and Black Embossed Python Leather passport holders.


Foldable gym shoes:

Vibram’s Furoshiki foldable shoes fit like a glove… or should we say sock! These wrapping sole shoes come in a bevy of colors including Murble, a gorgeous blue marble (one of our favorite trends for the season!) While the top of the shoe is made of stretchy fabric to fit to your foot, the bottoms are nice rubber soles perfect for keeping active. The best part of the Furoshiki is that you can fold them up into a small pouch, or lie them down flat to fit in your suitcase! Now you’ll never need to worry about squeezing in a pair of sneakers ever again.



The perfect leather jacket:

A leather jacket is essential for chilly nights and air conditioned flights. We love Marc New York’s Felicia Jacket. The soft romantic blush color combined with the comfortable knit panels on the sides and sleeves will instantly update any outfit. Forget about telling Felicia goodbye, she’s coming along for the ride!



If you’re looking for more of an edge, try Marc New York’s Winona Biker Jacket. We love the lamb skin leather and the flattering seams in the back made to complement any shape. This updated staple comes with a drawstring jersey hood, because you never know when you’ll get stuck in the rain.



No matter what you slept in on the plane, throwing on a chic leather jacket will instantly pull your travel look together.



An extra bag, just in case:

A foldable bag is my number one travel tip! It has come in handy more times than I can count. It’s great if you get to the airport and find out your luggage is too heavy (believe it or not, most airlines will charge you less for a second checked bag than an overweight one!) Ideal for trips to the beach or an overnight get-away. A foldable bag is also great if you happen to come home with more than you left with (hello souvenir shopping!)


Rume’s cFold is a strong zippered bag perfect for a day trip or to keep around just in case.  Also check out the Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Shopping Bag; while it doesn’t have a zipper (so we wouldn’t recommend checking it at the airport) it folds up into itself forming the tiniest pouch, which can clip right onto another bag. The heavy siliconized cordura material won’t break when loaded up with souvenirs and when you’re done with it, just fold it back up.   


Keep connected and your bag organized:

CR Gibson Cord Keepers are as practical as they are adorable. With scalloped edges and cute sayings like “We’re Tight” and “Band Together,” these tiny “taco” shaped pouches will keep you from getting your wires crossed.

Accessorize your cell:

Finding a cute case is the perfect chance to really show off your style. The Casery has a ton of amazing slim fit phone cases, showing off all our favorite spring trends from dazzling marbles and geodes to beautiful florals. The best part is, many of their designs are printed on a clear case, meaning that gold or rose gold iphone you splurged on can still shine through!




Condense your makeup bag:

The limited edition 4 Color All-in-One Pen by Clarins Paris is the only liner you’ll need to pack! We love the nostalgic packaging reminiscent of those interchangeable pens we used to play with as kids. Plus we can’t get over the convenience of simply carrying one eyeliner, and still having several options to choose from. The pen features a blue, brown and black eyeliner and a lipliner as well.



Pack some comfortable dress up flats:

While many brands are designing foldable flats, T&N has really upped the ante with their designer collection. In beautiful colors with romantic personalized detailing, these ballet flats are as stylish as they are comfortable. Seriously, the footprint soles give you enough cushion to walk around town in them without your feet hurting!

T&N’s attention to detail is apparent from the packaging to the adorable luxe bow charms on the back of the shoes (which can be personalized with your initials to make them all your own.) Wrapped up in a beautiful pink box, these shoes make a great gift too, so you might want to pick up a second pair for a friend!

With these incredibly soft napa leather ballet flats, you’re bound to leave your footprint on every new destination.

Check them out and @tandncollection



Grab an Instagram worthy towel:

If you’re staying at a nice hotel with beach towels provided, we wouldn’t waste valuable suitcase space bringing another one. However, on several occasions, whether it be staying in less than 4-star accommodations, Air
BnB’s or with friends and family, the need to purchase a beach towel might arise. While most souvenir shops sell them, many are cheap and very thin. We recommend trying out a round luxurious towel by The Beach People. These ultra plush towels are as comfy as they are stylish. With reversible patterns and fringe detailing, it’s easy to see why they are so popular!

image courtesy of


Fight dried, dull airplane skin:

In flight, apply a few drops of Moroccan Elixir’s Prickly Pear Seed Oil to your face and neck. With one of the highest amounts of essential fatty acids found in natural beauty oils combined with Vitamin E, all it takes is a few drops to promote skin elasticity and fight against free radicals which make skin look older. Give your skin a beautiful glow while reducing puffiness, dark circles and under eye bags so you can step off that aircraft looking energized and refreshed.

Exfoliating and cleansing is imperative to a healthy glowing complexion. PUR Joystick Exfoliaing Deep-Pore Cleanser foams on contact, drawing out impurities and clearing clogged pores. The best part though is that it comes in a handy solid stick, meaning one less thing to take out of your bag when going through airport security!


Keep your brows in check:   

Eyebrows are a hot beauty topic; no matter if you like them thick, thin or feathered, it’s important to keep them groomed! Rubis Switzerland’s Pointed Tip Tweezers come to a sharp point, ideal for catching every little stray hair to make sure you’re brows are looking their best!


Fashionable boots that can stand up to the rain:

When you’re home, you have your whole arsenal of clothing easily at your disposal for every situation and activity. However, when on the road, you need to anticipate exactly what you’ll need. For many of us that choice boils down to style or practicality. With Columbia’s Lisa Waterproof Leather Tall Boot you no longer have to make that decision. Crafted from waterproof leather and embellished with quilted detailing and metal buckles, these boots feel right at home sloshing through mud puddles, yet look equally nice at lunch on the square.

Fashionable boots that are waterproof? Count us in! Besides, who really wants to pack rain boots anyway?


A foldable catchall tray:

A great place to store your jewelry, wallet and cell phone, this foldable tray will keep you organized on the go. We love the beautiful texture of the shagreen leather and snap closures of Graphic Image’s Leather Catchall, plus it collapses completely flat to easily stow in your suitcase, laptop bag or tote! It’s the must have travel accessory you didn’t know you needed!


The perfect fancy yet comfortable dress:

What is the perfect dress you might ask? Well it’s comfortable with a great silhouette and plenty of added extras! BetaBrand, a crowd sourcing fashion company has partnered with different designers to create 3 amazing dresses which are perfect for any trip!

Courtesy of Betabrand

The No-Sweat Cocktail Dress features an asymmetrical hemline and is made from moisture-wicking pill-resistant fabric. Perfect for warmer climates, this classic cocktail dress features a hidden zippered pocket and even a small bust pocket so you can dance the night away hands free! Designed by a wedding photographer to wear to work, this dress is both polished and professional! 

Courtesy of Betabrand







Courtesy of Betabrand

The Reversible Cocktail Dress is two great designs in one. Wear it as a solid black cocktail dress with a high neck and a semi-full skater-style skirt that’s longer in the back or flip it inside out for a royal blue dress accented with black details. It also features a small hidden pocket to stow your cards or cash in.

Courtesy of Betabrand



Courtesy of Betabrand

The Sudden Chemistry Cocktail Dress also features a discrete zipper pocket and squared-off v-neckline. The dress comes in it’s own little pouch so you can always have a cocktail dress with you just in case. What makes this dress different from just placing any dress in a small bag is the ponte knit which remains unwrinkled even when rolled up.

Courtesy of Betabrand
Courtesy of Betabrand





A hairbrush that straightens:

You might own an electric tooth brush, but what about an electric hairbrush? The Foxybae is a brush which heats up to straighten your hair as you brush it! You’ll love the simplicity of this two-in-one product as well as it’s trendy black and rose gold packaging. However, what you’re probably wondering is, does it work? The answer is yes, it reaches 450 degrees and straightens pretty quickly. It’s also simpler to use than a traditional straightener. The downside? If you have thick or curly hair, the style doesn’t seem to last as long as with your traditional ceramic plated press together iron. However, it’s perfect for quick touchups, especially on layers and bangs!




Don’t forget a case for your hair tools:

When traveling we often throw our straighteners and curling irons into our bags. A case such as the Hot Stuff Curling Iron Storage Case from CR Gibson not only keeps everything in place, but also comes in handy if you need to fix up your hair and run out the door. A heat resistant case means you can put a hot curling iron (or straightener) into the case and straight into your luggage, no need to wait till it cools down! * It even fits the Foxybae brush listed above.



A dress up/ dress down shoe:

When on the road we love a shoe that can be worn both day and night. GH Bass provides us with the answer for a shoe that looks just as great at brunch as it does later for a night on the town. For warm weather trips, try GH Bass’ Michelle Sandal. The shoe is mostly flat (so you can store it in your suitcase’s front pocket if need be!) but with a tiny little heel for comfort. The studs embellish the shoe giving it a touch of edginess, perfect with jeans or to add a dose of coolness to your favorite dress!


Or try GH Bass’ leather Sylvia Bootie. With cutout details and metal buckles this beautifully crafted shoe is perfect when paired with your boho festival dresses or a great pair of pants. The short 2.5” stacked heel makes them easy to walk in all day long and still provides a little lift. The only downside is they can feel a bit narrow, so if you have a wider foot it might be best to go up half a size.



An emergency kit:

In life there are emergencies and then there are she-mergencies! To some a broken nail or a bra strap peeking out might not be an issue, but for others these little details can become a major cause of stress. Avoid any embarrassment with the Problem Solved! Kits by Braza. Also great to give out to bridesmaids, these little pink pouches feature 18 different items from non-skid shoe pads and double-sided tape to nail files and dental floss. They don’t take up too much room and are the perfect thing to pack, just in case a fashion disaster strikes. To make it even better I’d add some aspirins, Band-Aids and chewable antacids to it, just in case…





Disclosure: Some of the products in this post were given to us to test out and some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we have tested out and love or use personally.