NYC Pulse Art Fair

2016 NYC PULSE Art Fair. Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC. 3.3.2016

I will say it once and ten thousand times all over again. New York City rocks with flair and continues to do so every day.

Rewinding time to 2005, PULSE Contemporary Art Fair was born and become part of the annual Miami Beach and New York art calendar scene. It’s built around the concept of interactive art welcoming guests to continuously engage with emerging artists and galleries, worldwide. On March 3, while rapidly strolling through the streets of Manhattan, a friend shared (via text) she had an extra ticket for “an awesome event,” and I was to meet her at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

Intrigued, I figured why not add a slight detour and check out the hype before making the other destination.

Boldly screaming in neon lights was: “DYKE BAR,” as music pierced through the venue.

This must be the place! I walked in and I didn’t expect the short-lived and truly spectacular experience. Collections from SIM Smith Gallery, Bradley Wood, Black & White Gallery, Isidro Blasco, Christopher Moller Gallery debuting his work to pay homage to Cape Town native – Tony Gum, Brookhart Jonquil represented by Emerson Dorsch. Additional exhibitions included: Gallery Poulsen, Winston Wächter Fine Art, Sienna Patti and much more contributing to the 45 showcases.

In case the static of the energy caused your Apple Pay not to work quicker than usual, don’t worry because you can find some of the pieces displayed at the Brooklyn Museum, Contemporary Art Museum Houston, 21c Museum Hotels, Collection Museo del Barrio, Duncan Collection, Oklahoma Contemporary, Microsoft, MOCA Jacksonville, Wadsworth Antheneum, and the Metropolitan Museum.

Now, let’s talk about that neon sign mentioned above. Carrie Mackin of Mackin Projects presented the Eulogy for the full working bar and installation: DYKE BAR created by artist Macon Reed. Back in its day, the installation was used to inform and educate visitors which included trivia night, drag performances and bidding adieu to the disappearing gay and lesbian community.

If your mind craves out of the norm art, flair, and pizzazz, then stop in from March 3-6 in New York and also jot down to save the date for PULSE Miami Beach which returns to Indian Beach Park December 1-4, 2016. For the deets, click here.

I say that’s a great way to spend a cold Winter month by a beach park while talking art with Miami-ans. Lastly, congratulations to PULSE prize winner: Thomas Broadbent – $2500 in cash as well as the title for distinction presented in a solo presentation.