NYC Fashion Week: #F15


Hello fashionistas! We have finally made it to NYC Fashion Week- #F15 aka Fall Collection – for those not familiar with the hashtag.  After counting down months and days, we are finally hours away from one of the highly anticipated events – think Grammy’s of Fashion – but more EPIC.

Here’s the game plan: As your NY Social Agenda, we promise to deliver great feature stories, images, interview snippets with some cool designers (if we can grab their attention long enough) and everyone involved in this wonderful week-long event.

We will also post Runway videos on our youtube page – for your viewing pleasure. Did someone say something about parties?

Lucky for you, we have the skinny on all of that and we will be posting everything on our twitter and facebook page too. It’s probably a good idea to follow us, share with your friends, show up and have a great time.

The official schedule for NY Fashion Week can be viewed by clicking here.

Before we forget, we will also be attending Couture Fashion Week in conjunction with the Fall Fashion frenzy – and that schedule which includes tickets can be viewed by clicking here.

No complaints at all.

We hope you enjoy our coverage, and if you haven’t done so already, stamp the NY Fashion Week on your social agenda, immediately.  We look forward to seeing you at Lincoln Center. Happy Fashion Week to everyone.