NYC Art Expo


Hypothetically speaking, let’s assume for whatever unknown reason you never made it to the 2015 Art Expo this past weekend at Pier 94 – on the West Side.

Couldn’t find a babysitter? The weather was too warm and beautiful, so you decided to re-live cabin fever by staying indoors? Perhaps you don’t like Art?

On the other hand, you are truly dedicated to how imagination manifests into reality and just happened to attend the event (like we did) – every day from April 23-26.

If the answer is choice C, then a big round of applause to you. If you missed out on the Expo – that’s too bad. However, lucky for you, we got you covered with everything from start to finish.

In case you have never attended – it was a huge turnout hosting a crowd of more than 25K art enthusiasts who had the incredible experience to view original artwork, prints, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, giclee, lithographs, glass works – and so much more.

This year and similar to previous years hosted artists from all around the globe – including gallery owners, dealers, interior designers, architects, corporate art buyers and framing retailers.

The first night also kicked off with a little soiree within the floor with delicious cocktail concoctions and live performance Art.

During the weekend, guests had the chance to attend great seminars as well while walking around the infinite aisles filled with beautiful pieces.

We had the pleasure to steal a few minutes with Bettie Grace Miner, Nicoletta Belletti, Jordan Matter, Renjith Ravi (RJ from India), Michael Strauss-Cassel (owner of Lucky Anya in Brooklyn) Souren Mousavi (from the UK), Jeff Vermeeren (Vermeeren Fine Art located in Canada) and a couple of others who shared their inspirational and outstanding creations – plus a few other artists kind enough to split a small portion of their time in between sales and speaking with guests.

The whole event was a blast.- and definitely can’t wait for the next event.

Can you keep a secret? You didn’t hear it from us, however, we heard a little rumor about next year’s Art Expo (April 14-17).

This will incredibly epic since the Art Expo will occur in conjunction to the [SOLO] and DECOR Expo as well.

So you know what to do. Clear your schedules, plan ahead, stamp this event on your social calendar and we will see you then.