Hello everyone, hope your Summer is going as planned and busy with endless activities.

The time is flying quicker than a superjet, and that only creates the urgency to fill in the social agenda with as many things as humanly possible.

Also, it’s a good thing the temperatures are exactly they should be and that always leaves room for the possibility of attending some really cool events.

Speaking of cool things to do, why would anyone turn down the opportunity to attend a beer fest in downtown Manhattan?

Close your eyes and let your imagination paint this perfect scenery.

First of all for documentation purposes, set the date to July 11th. The setting starts by walking towards the South Street Seaport – home to cute restaurants and shopping destinations.

Hang a right on South Street, and walk across to meet the Watermark Bar.

An outdoor bar/beer garden type of setup ready for hosting a ton of people as they walk around babysitting mini souvenir beer glasses and taking it easy on a Saturday.

The DJ is pumping insane tunes as tourist ships and helicopters land and take off.

Oh, wait, let’s not forget the breathtaking views of the Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridge – and, of course, the main reason of making the way down here – the beer!

The New York Super Craft Beer Festival at Watermark Bar on Pier 15, presented by the Union Beer Distributors and Merchant’s Hospitality’s Watermark Bar was kind enough to bring together 75 super crafts from near, far and wide and provide the perfect definition of FUN, on a weekend afternoon.

These included SixPoint Brewery, Southern Tier Brewing Company, GreenPoint, Bronx, Ommegang, Flagship Breweries and many more.

Let’s not forget the various food vendors, including delicious bites from Watermark Bar’s menu – keeping the belly full and balanced during the tasting.

IPA’s, Lagers, distinct flavored beers (Blueberry Ale and RastaFye Ale from Blue Point Brewery was out of this world), Jammer and Sweet Action also made their way to the most wanted and favorite list too – and of course can’t forget about the ciders from Naked Flock, and Original Sin, topped the list all.

There was something for everyone to enjoy!

Sadly, all good things must end. However, since some of us couldn’t relate to the memo that it was time to go home, the DJ decided to extend his stay and hypnotize us more with his music.

Thank you, NY Super Craft Beer Fest in abundance for the entertainment and good memories from Saturday.

That is why you should click here for more information and come with us next time to share some laughs, cheers, and meet cool and new people at the next NY Super Craft Beer Fest.  See you then.

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