Northside Innovation Meetup

NorthSide Innovation Meetup. © 2015 NorthSide Media Group

Let’s talk fun business. How about we meet at Williamsburg – in Brooklyn, NY ( not Virginia), play around with some cool gadgets, and on top everything, kick back a few brewskies while listening to great speakers enlighten us on the technology world.

Great idea! Welcome to the Brooklyn Brewery, for our Tuesday fun, on May 5 where Dell and Intel hosted their monthly Innovation Meetup series.

This event’s purpose is to bring together all tech-savvy enthusiasts in one place and dive deeper into technology and, of course, mingle with up and coming entrepreneur- minded people alike.

Also, this particular event kicked-off the 52nd Annual Small Business Week (May 4-8) -starting first in Miami on 5/4, New York on 5/5, and then off to Chicago on 5/7.

The event was geared around conversations produced to help small business get in gear for new trends in the technology industry -and how all entrepreneurs and start-up companies are able to utilize and gain access on useful technological resources -best suited for their business endeavors.

The meetup also celebrated and will extend the partnership collaboration with Northside Media Group’s annual Northside Innovation Conference, taking place June 11-12 in Brooklyn, N.Y., part of Northside Festival (June 8-14).

The panel included:

Emily Alford – Reporter of ClickZNeil Capel -Founder & Chairman of Sailthru, Adam Dinwiddie: Head of Product & Design of Paddle8, Belinda Chan -Chief Client Officer of Poshly, Michelle Goad – CEO & Founder of PS.DEPTMaryAnn Bekkedahl – Co-Founder of KEEP, Amanda Curtis: Co-Founder and & CEO of Nineteenth Amendment.

Did we mention this all took place at Brooklyn Brewery? What better way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with the option to play around with gadgets, eat some grub, and, of course, learn something new?

In the meantime, don’t forget to snag your tickets to the North Side Festival by clicking here  – assuming there are any left. See you in a few weeks- and/or at the next innovation meetup.

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