Mark and Estel: Rock ‘N’ Roll Chic Fall Fashion

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Mark & Estel. © 2015 NY Social Agenda (

“Long live Rock ‘N’ Roll and fashion.”  That’s probably the best way to kick off Mark and Estel’s 2015 Fall Fashion Runway production. We are a huge fan of the dynamic duo’s work, and it was more than a pleasure to be part of the experience and watch their creative juices explode into the Runway.

The best way to describe Mark and Estel’s Fashion is trying to imagine if Joan Jett met Arianna Huffington and they both decided to produce a clothing line – classy with an edge. Perhaps Rockstar Chic is better – you decide.


We truly enjoyed every moment from start to finish and instead of wasting time with a lot of blabbering, we decided to share our moments with Mark and Estel with you. You can check out the Runway videos by clicking here.

One thing is true, our closet will have to make some room and we hope our regular clothes will just have to understand and resist experiencing jealousy – as we will be adding Mark and Estel’s Fashion Collection to ours.

Missed the Runway show and feel the need to spice up your wardrobe with a kick of Rock ‘N’ Roll edge, follow Mark and Estel through their Twitter, Instagram, or visit their site.  Your style will never be the same – ever.

That’s a fact.

Stay tuned for more Fashion news to add to your social agenda.


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