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“To Tribeca! 311 Church Street, please,” I whispered to the New York taxi driver, while putting the note with the time, date and place of the meeting in my bag. I had written it with a Montblanc pen – borrowed ten days before, by the man whom I met on a Rome-JFK flight, sitting next to each other – but separated by the aisle. Before take-off, his coat had dropped on my head from the overhead bin, and he bashfully apologized.

Eight hours of silence.

Upon landing, I asked to borrow his luxurious pen to fill in the Immigration forms. This opening had given way to an endless series of questions which led to our meeting at the perfect place: Macao Trading Company NY. An anonymous spot outside, like a hole to avoid, but my sixth sense has well understood this is one of the places this man frequents.

As soon as we enter, on the right I spot the bar. Red and yellow bottles of various heights and sizes are reflected in the high mirror overlooking the back counter on which are placed.

The place is cozy, but it spreads out energy. Orange clouds lightened by the candles on the tables remind me fireflies illuminating the summer nights. I would not call this a romantic restaurant  – I would rather label it as sexy!

After we are seated, Jazz music blends in with fresh conversations in New York slang – I love to hear this mixed sound.

After reading the menu, I realize that I’m in a Fusion Asian restaurant – a sumptuous mix of Chinese and Portuguese influences -surrounded by spices, coconut milk, papaya, garlic, chives, vinaigrette, truffles, mushrooms, seafood and Chicken.

A true union of love  highlights the East and West of the world in several dishes.

As a starter, we split “Shrimps Mozambique.” Crustaceans with garlic, black pepper and rosemary, and spicy, chili prawns. Dumplings are a must – so I try them and the lobster noodles as well – while “Mr. Broker,” shares the pros and cons of his life here in New York.

He mentions, “In every Metropolis, some people might have a very stressful routine while trying to add a few moments to devote to social life. They work all week and often prefer to rest during the weekend! Absurd! Should I live in New York, I would cancel the word “rest” from my vocabulary,” I incredulously reply.

I’m thinking, tomorrow I’ll go back to Italy and this dinner will be just an amazing memory, archived and cataloged as a fun reminder.

To round off the evening,  we go to Cipriani, located in Grand Central Station for after- dinner drinks and realize we both enjoy Bellinis.

After a great evening, we are now at the ground level of Grand Central Station staring sadly into one another’s eyes. After our final hug, and while walking away from him, I’m reminded of the last sentence from the movie: “Lost in Translation.”

“Only in New York you can have the presumption to have lived moments as you were in a MovieTalk.” I’m happy to say, I felt this for the whole night. For more information on Macao Trading Company, NY- click here.





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