Louise Aubrie: Late 44

© 2015 Louise Aubrie: Late 44

What can I say? There is a soft spot created when punk rock comes blasting through the headphones. That kind of music usually takes me back to a place during Junior High School when I first got wind of the very sassy and fiery music of Joan Jett.

After listening to Louise Aubrie and her album titled “Late 44,” it’s as if the train traveled back in time to the punk rock era. The tone is set with her first track: “Masterstroke,” and then from there Louise continues to give it her all.

Her voice is edgy, and I can only assume from listening to the album, she is a person who enjoys really performing – regardless of whether one person or a million people show up.

“Tearjerker,” “Winter Dolour,” “Too late,” and “Candlelight,” topped the favorites from the compilation. Those four songs – perhaps even the entire album reminded me of songs played when you’re trying to go through the last remnants of a breakup.

That’s actually a good thing – sort of. Louise approaches every song with a soft beginning and then comes in again with a punch of energy out of nowhere.

Don’t expect to be crying too long – if you think her collection is about singing the blues.

It might serve as emotional therapy to some because it definitely has the effect to get you out of the funk.

The deets:

Official: www.louiseaubrie.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/louiseaubriemusic

Music video links:


Artist contact: louise@louiseaubrie.com

Press contact: james@independentmusicpromotions.com

CD: Late 44

Release date: July 13, 2015

Overall, good album.

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