London Fashion Week

2015 London Fashion Week. WSStudio © 2015 3LaurenAvenue

The forecast predicted rain, instead my first fashion week was happily inaugurated without the typical Londoner gloomy weather and without awkward umbrellas.

Four days of sun, green grass, five o’ clock tea -outdoors and of course fashion shows!!!

Many designers presented their Spring/Summer 2016 collection and some of them were not unnoticed as they captured my attention for the beauty and the artistic value of their creations.

The elegant, mystical and sophisticated collection “Marble” of handmade footwear, was presented by Ganor Dominic, who merges past and present being inspired by the Muses of the ancient Greek gods.

The antiquity represented by the faces in high relief of Apollo and other Greek divinities, printed on soft beige leather flat shoes; carved in marble and set on the heels, meets the originality of the final creation. A real “sculpture” to wear on special occasions.

Time stopped when my eyes were in front of Niza Huang‘s jewelry compromised of transparent stones, mysterious ocean and rainbow colors – mounted by hand, on the rough and irregular intensity of unusual design and geometry.

W.S. Studio, with their young and talented stylist Yitan Sun is inspired by the Mongolia’s culture with faux fur and leather jackets – piercing with a type of chic and minimalist style – to make garments comfortable and feminine with white, black, gold and blue as the dominant colors.

Iris, sandals and jewelry brand inspired by the beauty and the colors of nature -also by the magnificent exotic places that the founder and designer Anastasia, has previously visited. Every piece is handmade using high-quality leather with special ceramic details.

The are timeless creations for women that love nature and comfort.

Finally a New York brand! Perhaps suited for the modern, self-confident, elegant and passionate woman, Binetti & Love Binetti introduced his version of essence & “LOVE” into the world.

The designs inspired by the Spring sky, his creations aspire and inject the beauty of cherry petals, and the combination of a natural feel-paying homage to Mother Nature, and making you dream and fall in love with Fashion and his work.

We will meet again, London Fashion Week.

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