Lela Rose NYFW S/S16 Collection


As a writer, a chick, and fashionista in training,  one of the best and highly anticipated bi-annual cool events that I look forward to attending is New York Fashion Week.

Why? For starters, for a whole week, the experienced excitement from the silent energy buzzing through as camera lights hypnotize you while walking to or from a runway show – is unlike anything else.

Truth be told! I usually prepare for New York Fashion about two months before it starts. Crazy? Perhaps, however, I consider it pre-gaming for what I call the” Super Bowl of Fashion.”

For seven whole days, it’s an exclusive peep show into a secret world where gorgeous models and eclectic briefly take over Manhattan – more than ever.

The whole experience opens windows to tap into your creative side and to celebrate ingenuity and passion for fashion from participating designers.

If you feel the need to mix & match patterns, stick to vintage, or go all in and wear anything and everything – by all means, do it.

This is your passport and no one has the right to stop you.

Enter Lela Rose, and her Spring 2016 Runway Show on September 14 at the Gallery, located on Washington Street -way downtown but worth the shlep.

Beautiful pink flowers (maybe tulips) suspended upside down as the fuschia backdrop sets the stage, anchoring a beautiful Lela Rose signature and foreshadowing the playful innocence of her collection.

Lights. Camera. Action. Loud fun, energetic music pierces through the speakers to welcome the tall, beautiful, and confident beauties as they strut the catwalk and own the paparazzi, showing off the upcoming pieces from the collection.

Lela Rose’s 2016 Spring/Summer collection is exactly what I expected.

Playful, light, efficient, open, bouncy, sexy, youthful, provocative in a G-rated kind of way (and by all means definitely not conservative at all) wearable flower garden.

I want everything – including the shoes, in my closet circa yesterday, pretty please.

I am a new and dedicated fan and can’t wait to see more from Lela Rose and other designers during Fashion Week as well. For more information on Lela Rose, click here.

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