La Griffe Ausoni: Montreux

La Griffe Ausoni. Montreux, Switzerland. © 2015 3LaurenAvenue

“We did not know anyone in Montreux. We walked along beside the lake and saw the swans and the many gulls and terns that flew up when you came close and screamed while they looked down at the water. Out on the lake there were flocks of grebes, small and dark, and leaving trails in the water when they swam. In the town, we walked along the main street and looked in the windows of the shops.”

It was 1917 when Ernest Hemingway wrote these words. Today, almost one century later, I am in Montreux, in the same magnificent places he described. I’m walking along the lake, alone, observing the happy people slowly strolling everywhere.
The swans are still here, on the lake shore, I see them appear and disappear through the flowers that colour the whole promenade and they don’t seem to fear the majesty of the white Alps. I’m looking at the beautiful Spring flowers and the white-capped mountains on one side.
For the first time, I’ve seen one season’s meeting – as Montreux reminds me my beloved French Riviera, but the order and silence in the streets making it an island of peace. I understand now the reason why in the past many artists would choose the “Pearl of the Swiss Riviera” to live or as a holiday resort to retreat from life.
After walking by the statue of Freddy Mercury, (lead singer of Queen, who decided to spend the last months of his life here),  I go to the market hall, and I head towards the high street in search for a dress to wear for tonight’s Grand Gala at Fairmount Hotel Palace.


A huge sign attracts my attentions while standing on Grand Rue 20. It is a boutique called La Griffe Ausoni. Like Hemingway, I’m intrigued by the unique clothes for women, men and children that hang from the windows.
All styles are highlighted: elegance, sporty, casual, rock – and more that bring out the intricate work of Roberto Cavalli, Max Mara, Missoni, Philipp Plein, Michael Kors, Brunello Cucinelli, Ballantyne,  Pearl 1954 and Malo.
However, the designer who most captured my attention is the Lebanese fashion designer – Zuhair Murad and I can’t wait to try on some garments.
The choice is difficult but, fortunately, Madame Ausoni, the owner of the boutique helps me to choose the best one for tonight’s event. I find out that she also has an another boutique in the Fairmount Hotel Palace, Grand rue 100. I feel admiration for this woman as she has managed to make La Griffe Ausoni an institution in Montreux, one of the most elegant, chic and exclusive cities in Switzerland – all by herself.
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