Kevin Jenkins: Bluegrass story

Kevin Jenkins: Til the Story's Told

I guess everyone and/or everyone has a silver lining moment in time. Hopefully, it will be as exciting as Janie in Kevin Jenkins’ song titled : “Janie’s Silver Lining.”

I’m accepting all questions including how did Kevin’s music end up on the radar? Good question. Though, I have never heard of his music – and perhaps some of you have had the pleasure to hear his tunes, I must say I was quite impressed.

After researching his story, Kevin Jenkins is a big deal since he’s opened for some major artists including the late King of Pop and many others that top his resume.

Let’s get on with the review.

Janie’s Silver Lining is the type of song you listen to while waiting on the porch, sipping lemonade with family or friends waiting for the sunset to arrive.

It’s well thought out, and every lyric tells a progressive story that eventually leads to the “freedom” of Janie.

Kevin’s style seems to encompass soft rock, easy listening- and perhaps I might have gotten a few hints of Bluegrass and Country.

These eclectic genres hidden behind each instrument (including his voice) make it a good album to press play perhaps during a long road trip through the mountains, cleaning the house, background music during dinner parties and any environment welcoming a relaxed vibe.

For more Bluegrass musical stories, here are the deets:

Visit Kevin on Facebook:

CD: ‘Til The Story’s Told’

Released on June 9

Overall, I’m digging Kevin’s style.

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