Joseph Sant: Sea White Salt

Joseph Sant: Sea White Salt . Photo Cr: © Jessica Lin. All RIghts Reserved

First of all, where is Joseph hiding? Just happened to stumble upon a replica of mimicking the early 80’s and the innocence that decade brought. The song is called “Nor’easter,” and after this epic snow storm this past weekend managing to dump on the North East region, Joseph’s CD: Sea White Salt is exactly what was – and still remains as the necessary remedy to soothe things over.

His voice transitions the mood from chaos to a perpetual dreamland that should not end. If this is called Indie-Pop, then clearly, Joseph has done a great job defining that category and should continue to maneuver through-out other music classifications, as well.

Nor’easter and many other tracks on the CD remind of the exact name of the CD. Suddenly, I’m quick to compare and place it on the mp3 player on the beach – as the background to watching the Sea and white salt wash on and off shore celebrating the sun dancing away from the horizon, toasting to the good life with good company and a light bottle of vino.

Dear Joseph, thank you for sharing your voice that sounds like what soft butter and chamomile would if they came to life – definitely look forward to more.

Here are the deets:

CD: Sea White Salt

Release date: January 14, 2016


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