Hiromi Asai: Kimona let’s wear it

2016 Hiromi Asai NYFW FW16 Runway. New York, NY. Photo Cr: © 2016 Hiromi Asai (http://www.kimonohiro.com/). All Rights Reserved.

If I’ve said it once, I will continue to say it again. Fashion never does and will never die – regardless of where and whom you are as a person.

Literally – because it’s quite an experience unlike any other.

If you have never had the opportunity to be part of it it – whether it’s in New York, Miami, Paris, Italy, London, Turkey, Australia, etc – and if you are a so-called fashion guru, the best advice is to try your darnest to attend any – if not every runway productions.

On February 16 – I think I crossed cultural dimensions – in a good way. Though I was in New York, the fashion capital of the world, inside the Dock (Moynahan Skylight) American designer Hiromi Asai temporarily transported her guests to…….Japan to introduce and highlight the Kimono to the Western world.

By the way, the Kimono is usually worn and respected as formal wear in Japan.

Since its existence and holding its cultural throne for the past 1000 year the Kimono is now almost facing extinction – as the market decreases due to aging artisans and the future successors slowly fading in the background – Hiromi dares to maintain its existence.

Personally, and truthfully, I actually want a kimono of my own – and can only wish to have several of them to wear everywhere.

What?! It’s true. My mom lived in Japan, when she was younger as part of a culture exchange program and she would always share pictures of her wearing Kimonos. Since then, I have been inspired to acquire one of my own.

Every year I sing the unfulfilled anthem of: “I’m going to buy a Kimono this year.” Fast forward to NYFW – FW16 to be exact and the one day that should have been set to make this vision come true to wear one in honor of Hiromi Asai’s invite to her show, Mother Nature decided to have an insane temper tantrum and cry all day.

That literally washed out that plan. That’s OK – as I’m sure there will be there will be other opportunities in the prospective future.

By the way, Ms. Asai, you have my consent and permission to take us all back and try to rejuvenate “old World” in this digitally and progressive day and age.

Thank you for instilling and celebrating the simpler times of the past. In the meantime, when do the Kimonos hit the market? For more deets, visit the Hiromi Asai website. See you again in a few months.

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