Get lost to find yourself

Get Lost to find yourself © Welcometothecityofangels

The first time I said to my friends that I was going to travel around the world by myself at the age of 15 – they must have thought I was a kind of egoist, insensitive alien. Yet this was no the case because the reason was quite different from the original idea. It seemed as if I had reached the summit of love for myself.

Life’s made of changes and we have to train ourselves to change our daily lives to accept all those changes unwanted by us. Our world is substantially divided into two parts: those who accept to be what they show to people and those who really want to find themselves.

There are so many ways to explore especially if you are searching to find the “real YOU.” Other classifications of people are those who practice meditation, others who try to see a different kind of movie dare to embark on a new hair color.

There is only rule to life: DO NOT waste your life in something that makes you bad or sad. Life is a journey and your first priority is to make yourself happy followed by making others happy. Here are some minor rules to living your ultimate life.

First, try to make it a point to travel solo – if you can somewhere, anywhere. Remember to shine with bravery wherever you go, learn to find happiness where it doesn’t exist, have faith and pray, try not to cry over little things, and most importantly be courageous enough to get lost to find ourselves. Follow the writer on Instagram: @Welcometothecityofangels

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20 year old Italian born but still growing up in the world. Foreign language student and compulsive traveler trying to discover the cult of beauty via art, fashion, food, & music. "City of Angels," is my idea to make you feel the same feelings I do during my discoveries and journey. Snapchat me @gabriellazulla.