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As a writer, I am in love with the opportunity to meet new people, learn something new and enjoy a good bite every now and then- that’s a given.

While attending these events, I truly enjoy experiencing those very rare and special moments that inspire and make everything worth while.

Don’t get it confused – every event has its own unique way of opening up the window to view life through different perspectives of expression.

On April 23, it made perfect sense to accept an invitation to the African Diaspora Restaurant Day hosted and presented by Food and Finance High School – located on 525 West 50th Street.

This was very different from other Grand Halls and beautiful hotel venues -because this time around Restaurant Day was inside a High School.

Nothing wrong with that all – as this was a truly exceptional change of pace – and created an exquisite pocket full of unforgettable memories.

Food and Finance High School focuses on culinary arts and finance and it is a learning institution where students develop critical thinking skills which create a platform to enable students to become self-directed, life-long learners, through a rigorous career and technical education.

Other great information includes:

– 90% of graduating Seniors go on to College or Culinary School

-Currently, the students have won over $1.5M to attend post-High School education including College and Culinary Institutions.

– This High School is attended by students who live in all 5 boroughs – think about that.

Last but not least on the history tidbits, Food and Finance High School is New York City’s only public Culinary High School.

I wish this was my High School. Where is the time travel machine when you need it the most?!

That said, let’s get on with the main reason for our attendance. Guests included chefs, parents, and staff from the High School and we couldn’t get enough of the different assortment of culinary creations representing the globe -prepared by the students.

Everything from Fava Bean Felafels ( Egypt), Jollof Rice (Senegal), Kefta Tagine (Morocco), Cod Fish Stew (Portugal, Caribbean), Feijoada ( Brazil), Piri Piri Chicken (Angola) and/or Creole Gumbo (New Orleans) – made our taste buds continuously jump with joy.

The tasting party didn’t stop there! The delicious and refreshing beverages– including the Tamarind/Guava and Sorrel/Ginger beverage combinations just helped to clean the palate while giving us an excuse to go back for more.

Part two during Restaurant Day included a tour of the Hydroponics Lab and another working Lab as well – which are part of a very incredible collaboration with Cornell University.

After the tour, we came back just in time to taste some sweet desserts which included Brigadeiro from Brazil; Briouats (Morocco); Lemon Meringue Macaron, South African Milk Tart, and Watermelon Granita.

Once again, thank you to Principal Roger Turgeon and Food and Finance High School students for hosting and feeding us at your wonderful place of knowledge. Many thanks once more for this great experience.

Congratulations to all graduating students this year, and good luck in all your endeavors. For more information on the High School and other upcoming events – including their annual Gala, click here.

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