In-Flight Essentials and Everything Else to Make Your Trip Easier


While we all can’t wait for our next vacation (at least we at NYSA can’t!) there’s nothing that can easily sour the mood like spending a day at the airport lugging around your suitcase. No matter if it’s a dreaded delay that has you waiting around for hours, a long stopover or just an extra long line at airport security, traveling is most certainly tiring.

To give you the best traveling experience possible, both in flight and at your destination, we’ve rounded up our travel musts. Read on to discover all our traveling secrets from the best travel clothes to the safest place to stash your valuables en route.


Sleep Tight:

Neck pillows can be tiresome and bulky. Half the time they’re more annoying than useful. The Aeros Pillow by Sea to Summit; however, stores in a nifty little container and blows up quickly. The material is soft and the shape makes it quite comfortable. The best part is the separate deflate tab, which very quickly enables you to pack up your pillow and go on to the next leg of your journey.



Soft Comfortable Jeans:

One of the downsides of traveling is spending hours crammed in a tiny airplane seat. If you’re going to be sitting for a while, you better get comfortable. While some opt to wear leggings or sweat pants while in the air, if you’d rather look a bit more polished, we recommend trying a soft denim option.

Courtesy of Lee

Lee’s Dream Jeans are advertised to fit like your favorite pair of yoga pants. We love how well they’re constructed with a heavier well made denim and the soft fabric around the waist band doesn’t dig into you! After testing out Lee’s Dream Jeans extensively we found our team to be 50/50 on total comfort! While everyone can agree that the stretchy fabric makes long car rides or flights more comfortable and favors the well designed waistband, some of our testers found the fabric to be slightly “itchy/scratchy” particularly behind the knee area. A few testers stated they wished the soft fabric on the waist band was incorporated into the entire design of the jeans!

Courtesy of Lee

Despite some sensitivity issues, these jeans look great and fit even better. Even our more sensitive reviewers agreed that they would still wear them out! Overall the general consensus is that these jeans are a win, but try them on for yourself and let us know what you think!





Hide your Valuables:

When trekking through the airport or exploring a new city, a purse can seriously drag you down. No matter if you want your hands free to photograph your surroundings or walk through duty-free, we’ve found the solution.

Sholdit, a scarf with built-in hidden pockets is the perfect way to store your essentials with ease. These infinity scarves can be worn as a neck wrap, shrug or even folded into a clutch.

They come in a wide array of colors and textures. For a little more inspiration on how to get the most out of your Sholdit, there’s a handy illustrated instructional guide on the packaging or you can go to their website to see more demonstrations.


So what did we fit inside? We packed our phone, passport, lipstick, cash and a few credit cards. We found we had to arrange the items a bit to keep the our scarf from looking a tad square, but by doubling it up and tucking one loop under the other, the Sholdit works well! Overall we think it’s best for lighter items, especially if you plan to wear it around all day (great for identification, cards and cash), but with a little finagling you can easily fit everything inside.


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If you’d rather keep your valuables around your waist, we love Hips Sister bands. These innovative belts hug your hips while storing everything you need for the day. With two front pockets, one zippered and one open (which is ideal for storing something you’ll need to grab quickly like your phone!) and one back pocket for miscellaneous items there’s plenty of room.


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Try one in a bright color, if you put it over leggings or yoga pants it looks as if the band is part of the design! Or go for a neutral color to blend in with your wardrobe! You can also cover your band with your shirt for completely discrete wearability.

We recommend wearing your Hips Sister band when you’re working out or walking around a lot. While you can wear it when you sit, you might need to adjust it a bit so your phone and other items aren’t digging into you. However, for roaming around, whether it be in an airport or new city, we love this purse alternative!

Our last top choice is Secret Stash by Braza, a mini lace pocket that clips onto your bra. While you can’t fit in your car keys and cellphone, it’s a great way to keep a little cash or credit cards on you, especially when you’re out on the town!



Easily Watch Videos on your Phone:

It may look like just a colorful plastic key, but Integral’s Keyprop is actually a very handy phone stand you can keep right on your key ring. Just place the key into your lightening dock or headphone jack and watch movies or tv shows handsfree. It’s great for keeping kids entertained on long flights… and adults too!

Carry that Latte with Ease:

When traveling you might find that your hands are a bit full. This can pose a potential problem if you find yourself with some time to waste at the airport and are looking for a drink. Enter the Freehand Coffee Caddy. This little device, which comes in both black and pink versions, mounts onto your suitcases’ handle. It may take you a few minutes to figure out exactly how to set up the coffee caddy, but once it’s on, you’re all set! It’s self leveling, so no spilling and it folds up flat!  You now have a cup holder with you wherever you go!

Block Identity Thieves:

Courtesy of Vault Card

Unlike losing a wallet or purse, an identity thief can steal from you without you even realizing it. As of Nov 2016 almost 1/3 of all Americans had reported experiencing some form of identity theft.  Keep yourself protected with Vault Card. This thin plastic card sits in your wallet, jamming skimming systems to keep your information safe. Just make sure the RFID blocking Vault Card is in the middle of your wallet and no more than 4cm away from your cards. Vault Card is slim and powerful using electromagnetic technology to prevent theft.  

It also helps protect your passport, so you might want to pick up two of them!

Courtesy of Vault Card

A Jacket to Rival All Travel Jackets

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Baubax’s travel jackets has 15 incredible features, including 9 utility pockets. With built-in half gloves, a quick inflatable neck pillow, a built in eyemask and more, this jacket is bound to get your attention. On the side there’s a pocket big enough to fit a tablet computer as well as pockets for your phone, passport, a blanket, glasses and just about anything you could think of.


Images Courtesy of

After watching the video for the Baubax travel jackets, we were initally a bit disappointed. The product doesn’t deliver 100% on all accounts. One complaint is the neckpillow, which looks like it’s built-in, but in actuality can just be stored in your jacket’s hood (making it very heavy). It’s also not ideal to use all the pockets in the jacket at once. While you could stuff the Baubax with all the items from your carry on, it wouldn’t be super comfortable and especially in the women’s sizes, wouldn’t look exactly right either. However, despite not meeting all hype, it’s still an amazing product that we would certainly recommend.


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We love the sweatshirt option for chilly flights. With it’s oversized hood (and eye mask), it’s our favorite travel sweatshirt by far! For a more stylized option, check out the beautifully structured bomber jacket. This one is perfect if your body temperature tends to run a bit on the colder side and are looking for a warmer option. Not only does the bomber look great, but it also features all the same utilities and pockets as all the other Baubax options!

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What’s our favorite feature? That’s a tough one. We love the pen/stylus hidden in the zipper of the coat, the hood is amazing for catching a bit of shut eye on a bright flight and we love the large (tablet) pocket for keeping items close at hand. Try one on and let us know what your favorite is!


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A Bag for Overpackers

If you tend to overpack, we recommend getting a bag that can expand. The Adjustable Bag looks like an ordinary black duffle bag, but it can expand to up to double it’s size! We love that it’s so well designed that even when it is at it’s smallest, it looks great!  You can wear it over the shoulder, carry it around as a handheld bag or even as a backpack.

Courtesy of The Adjustable Bag

If you just want to throw in a few things, such as an extra sweatshirt or pair of shoes, you can open up one side for a medium sized bag.   If you went crazy and bought a lot of gifts on your trip, open up both sides for a large bag that can fit all your things!  When you get home collapse the bag and store it away until next!

Courtesy of The Adjustable Bag


Keep Personal Items Discrete:

Vibrators have to be one of the most embarrassing things to travel with. Magazines are full of red faced moments when someone had to explain to the TSA agent why their bag was buzzing. We recommend removing the batteries, but if you forget and find yourself in that awkward situation, own it! The more cool and collected you act, the less disastrous the experience will be.


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Or purchase a better vibrator that doesn’t look so… phallic.

We love Crave‘s beautifully crafted toys that look more like art than traditional vibrators. You’re an adult, so ditch the hot pink bunny ears for a sleek modern upgrade. For travel we love the Duet, which can be charged simply by plugging the USB drive into your computer. That’s right no cords or batteries, this vibrator has it all dual motor sensations, a turbo speed and even can be used in the tub. When you take the two finger top off, it looks like a regular thumb drive.






If you’d rather something that is extra special, try Vesper, a solid stainless steal pendant. When you’re out, where it around your neck as an outfit making statement piece. Then when you’re in bed (or the kitchen, couch, bathroom etc.) push the button for a little stimulation your body will soon crave. Vesper is whisper quiet and can even be engraved with a special message, naughty or nice- it’s up to you.



For a toy you won’t feel ashamed to leave out all the time, there’s Wink. With a metal body and silicon cap, you could leave this on your dresser without anyone being the wiser. Wink delivers targeted vibrations, and is perfect for shower play or for a little alone time. Since it’s about the size of a tube of mascara, you can tuck this toy away in your bag without anyone being the wiser.  The extra strong vibrations will leave your body humming.


Disclosure: Some of the products in this post were given to us to test out and a few links in this post may be “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we have tested out and love or use personally.