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There are few reasons we love the heck out of Webster Hall. On February 7, we fell in love all over again. Hmm, fell in love you ask? It’s not even Valentine’s Day – how is that possible?

First, everything is possible. Secondly, we were transformed back in time (that’s why we fell in love -think classy and vintage 1920’s meets 2015).

Aside from having the opportunity to meet people, our main reason heading down to down to the East Village and to Webster Hall for the Beer and Whiskey grand tasting.

Imagine four (not one, or two) FOUR floors of epic and colossal beer and wine vendors from all over the country waiting to quench your thirst – but wait, there is more.

Every floor offered something different especially in the entertainment arena. One minute you are tasting whiskey while listening to Queen Esther’s Trio in the Studio). A few minutes later we are in the MarlinRoom with Miss Ida Blue, Gelber & Manning in the Balcony, and finally, Michael Arenella and His Dreamland Orchestra in the Grand Ballroom – all together seduced and transported us to a completely different era in time.

Then…the next minute on the subsequent floor, there are amazing burlesque performances by Gin Minsky, Rosie Cheeks, Mr. Gorgeous and Cassandra Rosebeetle- followed by aerialists.

What more can you ask for? How the heck can you resist all this playful fun – especially a week before Valentine’s Day.

Who was there? A few of our friends that we’re sure you have heard of before – for example:

Jameson, Tullamore Dew, Glenfiddich, Monkey Shoulder, Bull Moose Rye, Four Roses (Yellow Label, Small Batch and Single Barrel), Jack Daniel (Gentlemen Jack, Rested Rye, Tennessee Honey,etc) – oh yes, and Quinoa Whiskey (Corsair).

Let’s not forget about the beers- Prohibition Ale, Black Hand Chocolate Milk Stout ( SpeakEasy) Baba Black Lager ( Unita), Sapporo, Super Kitty (Keegan Ale – meow), Banana Nut Brown Ale (Kuka), and so much more.

This entire article would probably end up as a thesis if we kept going on with the list.

Pros: We absolutely loved how people dressed up. Women dolled up in cloche hats, elbow satin gloves, and flapper dresses, and men in double pleated, three-piece suits complete with suspenders and shoes as well.

Cons: please refer to the pros section. This was an amazing time and we would love to be part of it next year. In the meantime, we will keep an eye or two, scout out similar events to the East Ville De Follies for you, so you can stamp it on your next social agenda, and join us.

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