East Ville Des Folies: Act Quatre


Bienvenue – aka welcome once again. In 2015, during Act Trois,I promised to be part of the same intensity in 2016. It is safe to say if this is the  direction of the ultimate entertainment on any given Saturday afternoon during this time in January for years to come, then please consider my RSVP for future events.

Today is January 16 and as people wish for snow on the ground, it is fair to say about 1500 people did their best warming up the epic four floors of Webster Hall while sipping and tasting unique (and delicious) libations produced from local and nationwide Beer breweries and Whiskey distilleries.

A little fair warning, this is not by any means an event for the innocent minded. The East Ville Des Folies knows how to host a day drinking party unlike any other – and I can only tip my hat to yet another job well done.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there. I hope the pictures are able to paint a picture that best represents the sultry seduction of this exclusive invite.

Think 1920’s – a day and age where innocence was visually presented and respected. Some guests donned up in attire from that era and happily enjoyed  a judge-free zone during this random weekend.

My plus one and I had the chance to toast to the good life with old and new friends from the Lion, Upstate Brewing, Jonas Bronck Beer CO., Dogfish Beer, Peak Brewing Company, Spoetzl, Two Roads, Crabbies Ginger Beer, Lagunitas, SpeakEasy Beer, Guinness, & Kuka breweries.

Other great drinking besties included: Jack Daniels, High West, William Grant, Woodford Reserve, William Wolf, Martin Scott, Four Roses, Corsair, Polugar, Castle Brands and Widow Jane, just to name a few.

On top of everything else, the most difficult choice was learning to pace while deciding which side did you belong to at the end of the night: Whiskey or Beer? Perhaps both.

Who needs to choose? The only prohibition is trying to set a limit on what to sample – then again, why would you do that during the East Villes Des Folies?!

As far as entertainment is concerned can be summed up in two words: amazingly awesome. First, up on deck in the Grand Ballroom was Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra, keeping The Marlin busy was Queen Esther’s Quartet, Molly Ryan Quartet in The Studio, and DJ Mac tucked away in the Speakeasy Lounge.

Additional performers included burlesque by Rosie Cheeks, Bettina May, Grace Gotham – and, of course, the spectacular aerialist: Natasha King.

I thought I missed Natasha’s performance, however, I made it upstairs to the Grand Ballrom just in time to watch the slow climb to the top to teach gravity a few lessons. Will I be there next for the fifth act in 2017? What do you think?! The question is will you? Say yes, and click here for more deets.

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