Down in the Delta Deep

Delta Deep © 2015 Delta Deep

Hello Rock ‘N’ Roll. Had a chance to listen to the Delta Deep and definitely didn’t expect the punch straight from the beginning – oh yes and the cool video too.

Who is Delta Deep and why you should start subscribing to their tunes. Well, as far as anyone knows, the group’s album is currently climbing its way and dominating the chars on ITunes.

The other thing that adds spice to the music is the infusion of this sort of “Southern Blues rock” magic they have going on as well.

Hmm, wondering if that could be a new genre all together in the future – unless it already exists –then that’s fine too.

Most of the compilations in the album come in hard and leave a memory highlighting some deep pain, loss, and the essence of life itself.

Delta Deep comes in hard with almost every song – and there is nothing wrong with that since these are the things that make up reality as we know it.

Are there any favorite songs? Perhaps almost three quarters of the entire album. There are hidden messages in every track and the only thing left to do is to take it for it is.

Delta Deep’s album would perhaps become the choice when you need to listen to something for letting out some aggression – or just something different – in general.

The deets:



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