Chloe Baker: Bitter’s Kiss

Bitter's Kiss © 2015 Chloe Baker

Ready for some Indie Rock? Even if you are not, you better fasten your headphones, or turn up your sound system and prep yourself for up and coming new artist – Chloe Baker – and her current album Bitter’s Kiss.

We have all been there. Those moments you feel as if you want to scream out loud “why doesn’t anyone feel the way I do right now?”

You’re in luck, because Chloe has her a way to calm down the internal turmoil rattling through your mind.

Favorite tracks? Do I really have to choose?! If that’s the case the selections are: (which are by all means in no particular order of preference) “Love Won’t Make You Cry,” (by the way love will make you cry – that’s a promise and hopefully in a good way); “Lovin’ Life,” “Bitter’s Kiss,” and basically the entire album – final decision.

If I were to make any comparisons which is a slap on the wrist (somewhat), Chloe Baker would be compared the group Feist, maybe not- then again she just might be in her own category.

Then again, after listening to the entire album once over, and again because it’s full of innocence, purity, happiness and makes you really believe and feel as if everything will be alright – no matter what is going on.

This is the type of album you listen to when it’s a Saturday afternoon getting ready for some friends to come over or just to kill the time because you want to feel good in that moment. Give it a try for yourself and see what you think.

The deets:


Watch her new video for “The Rope” (radio mix) at YouTube:

Stream Bitter’s Kiss’s “Self-Titled” album on Sound cloud:


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