Brooklyn Fashion Week: Runway Memoirs

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I’ve said it once and will continue to say it again. Fashion does not get old- whether it is in London, Paris, Milan, Turkey, Miami – and of course one of the best fashion capital cities in the world known as New York City.

Certainly, a whole week dedicated to fashion might be enough for some, however, New York is perhaps the only place to bless the hearts of all fashionistas with two fashion week productions – one in the very fabulous Manhattan and then a month later, in Brooklyn.

Perhaps before going further, I should probably double check the facts on the previous statement of branding New York as the only place to host two fashion week events. However, for now, it’s good to have bragging rights.

The Runway memoirs for Brooklyn Fashion Week started on October 19-25. Let’s just say there were chapters of intense, unique, avant-garde fashion in between that definitely caught the eye of Brooklyn-ites and alike during the days.

Brooklyn Fashion Week relocated from Industry City to galleries around Red Hook giving guests a new fresh new perspective on up and coming neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

When these type of Fashion events occur, it becomes quite difficult to pin down favorites for the possibility of infiltrating the closet with more fabulous options.

On October 24, the choices become even more harder to choose. In case you missed the Men’s Fashion Week in July, fear not, because the collections presented were equally distributed for each gender.

It’s hard to predict if neutral, pastel or bright colors will make it into your world in 2016, however, it is exciting to announce there will be many trends coming your way.

Congratulations to all designers who schlepped all the way from Italy, France, Russia, and other parts of the world to Brooklyn, NY – truly defining the United Nations of fashion.

10/22: SOHUNG Designs, Amparo3, Jenny V & Lois Eastland.

10/23: KIT Woo, Tru Fiction, Zam Barret, & Ienday.

10/24: Alton Toussaint, Millesim, Joyce Pilarsky & Claire Consigny.

10/25: YANGie NY, John Guarnes & Irina Shabayeva.

Brooklyn sometimes becomes the forgotten borough of New York, however, wherever the Brooklyn Fashion Week is hosting any couture, eclectic, fun, exciting and thought provoking runway memoirs, this event will always be part of the social agenda.

The full album can be viewed by clicking on the event’s Facebook page. For more information on upcoming runway shows, click here.  See you at the next runway show.

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