Bronx Fashion Week


Do you really think Fashion stops just because the weather gets warmer? Think again, my friends.

Fashion never stops – for anything – including Summer. In fact, let there be Fashion all day every day – on rooftops, middle of a random street somewhere in the world, subway cars – even in Purgatory (only for whatever reason there is a mix-up in the attendance list between Heaven and Hell).

In fact if there are Fashion shows in Hell, I just hope there is plenty of AC and cold water – or even margaritas too to go around- then we are all good.

On May 9, I joined other fashion-a-holics as they arrived for their arraignment at the Old Bronx Court House in the Boogie down Bronx to plead their case to the fashionista judicial system – also known as the Bronx Fashion Week.

All designers and beautiful models were guilty as charged for delivering such an amazing event in this eccentric venue.

But wait, there is more.

Percentages from the proceeds were delegated to various organizations as charity donations.

Overruled and sustained at the same time – because that’s the way Fashion should be.

Did I also mention The Bronx is home to Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, the late Lauren Bacall and of course – Jennifer Lopez aka JLO?

Similar to previous Fashion events and venues, it’s really hard to gauge what is about to happen until the check-in process is completed – and this particular event was a completely different – yet exciting scene as well.

The program called for a 5:30pm start, however, things didn’t get in motion until 7pm.

No sweat!

The lapse in time was a good way to take some pictures backstage and of the ongoing “ When You Cut Into the Present, The Future Leaks Out,”exhibit presented by No Longer Empty – highlighting roughly around 20 artists in the Courthouse – and also mingle.

After a grand introduction, it was time for 7 designers back-back without rest or intermission!

Yup, that’s how the Bronx rolls – no objection there! Hope you were there too, if not, make it a priority to get tickets to the next event – and you can stay in the know by clicking here.

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