Breakthrough New York Gala


Are you smarter than a Breakthrough New York Student?! Well – are you?

Don’t worry it’s not a pop-quiz and should you think you are – let’s just say your skills were put to the test during the 3rd annual Are you Smarter than a Breakthrough New York Student  (College Edition) Gala on May 12th.

Breakthrough New York is a unique educational program shepherding low-income, high-potential students from middle school through college.

This is achieved by implementing a rigorous creative academic program including unconditional support by hosting and providing:

-Monthly class meetings to engage in workshops

-Summer Enrichment Opportunities to help guide through the college application process – (including internships with local companies/organizations)

-Preparations for future careers and offering tutoring and test prep services to help ease into the transition into college.

Let’s set the scene for the Gala. A very beautiful and warm Spring day painted the perfect backdrop for guests to meet at the Tribeca Rooftop at 2 Desbrosses Street in lower Manhattan.

Upon entering the penthouse rooftop, we were greeted by students who ushered everyone further onto the event space.

Young gentlemen dressed in suits and ties, while the females donned on their best dresses – all the while music echoing from the speakers, embedded within the window panels overlooking  the colorful dinner table arrangements below.

Out in the distance – was the perfect cameo of the newly built One World Trade Center while shadows of the New York City skyline hovered over the East River.

During our preview we mentioned there would be interactive games including the annual trivia competition – which illustrated the non-profit’s new expansion of services to further assist students through college.

It was also a great pleasure to speak with staff members about their role with the organization, and with the students passionately expressing their future ambitions on the road to college and beyond.

It’s very rare when people ask for personal advice and tips on achieving and maintaining success in all aspects of life – and it felt great to share the experience of growing up as a whole with the students- and what to expect on this roller-coaster called life.

Happy Sweet 16 to Breakthrough New York and a huge round of applause for raising $600,000 (and counting) with the assistance from 400 people who attended the Gala.

This will help to continue supporting the Town School on the Upper East Side, Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in Brooklyn, and in June, Breakthrough New York will launch a third site – at New York Junior Tennis & Learning’s Cary Leeds Center in Crotona Park (South Bronx).

Congratulations to:

Dr. Pedro Noguera:  the Peter L. Agnew Professor of Education at New York University and  Educator Award Recipient.

Honoree: Maria G. Hackley and Managing Director in Citi’s Global Banking Division in their Financial Institutions Group.

For more information and how you can donate to Breakthrough New York, click here. Truly hope to see you at the next annual Gala.