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There are thousands of brands promoting their creations all over the world and we choose one or the other because most are either aesthetically beautiful, less expensive or most of the time, simply because those choices somehow relate to fashion.

As we try to trace the meaning behind our choices, today I chose to highlight the works of Bottletop.

The “Bottletop Foundation” was launched in 2002 by Cameron Saul and his father Roger (founder of the London-based luxury brand Mulberry) through a design collaboration with Mulberry.

They premiered with a collection of handbags handcrafted by recycling bottles and caps, produced in Kenya, thereby increasing employment and funding education projects in Africa.

In Brazil, Bottletop, created beautiful bags from can tabs, and helped to increase job opportunities to the favelas women.

Utilizing fashion to breakthrough the limits of everyday life, the organization aims to help less fortunate families become more economically independent, and of course saving nature at the same time.

In 2012, the company known as the “Bottletop Fashion Company,” with participants: Oliver Wayman and Cameron Saul, (who through contemporary art and music) raise money for education projects that address delicate health problems such as HIV / AIDS, drug abuse and teenage pregnancy in Africa.

Their noble causes have been internationally recognized – catching the attention and prompting the collaboration of other popular brands and celebrities such as Anna Wintour, Bill Clinton, Colin Firth, Candice Swanepoel Jessica Alba, Rosario Daeson, Narciso Rodriguez, DKNY – and many others to come on board and help increase the cause.

Recently during New York Fashion Week, in September, Bottletop launched its latest limited edition collection titled “Art On Canvas,” working with artist Wangechi Mutu for Africa’s Out! organization.

This is the reason why I have chosen this particular brand as one of my favorites, and I will definitely purchase items from their website, in the near future.

Aside from beautiful products, I am happy to continue supporting BottleTop due the social mission and purpose behind the organization.

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