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Bonessi Ballerinas: 3LaurenAvenue

As gold as the Sun, they imprint soft light beams on the ground  -and  thanks to their soft internal soles, they are silent tracks for elegant and light steps.

Shining in black, these shoes draw the edge between your walking steps and the frantic city, interpreting your wish to transition into the turmoil of thousands other anonymous, and unknown steps.

The Bonessi ballerina flats are absolute protagonist in the fading grey of the city – and as you will notice for yourself, they feel and create the feeling of walking on soft clouds between you and the ground.

These ballerina flats could possibly become and could have been Cinderalla’s choice to wear to the ball – perhaps tied to her ankles, avoiding the chance of losing one shoe for her Prince Charming to find.

What would go well with these lovely Bonessi Ballerina flats? How about the simplest, stern dress that will magically evoke the true elegance of the shoes.

Bonessi is a London based fashion house dedicated to designing ballerina flats for women. The shoes are designed by a group of talented designers with three objectives in mind: comfort, style and quality.

Each pair of Bonessi Ballerinas are individually made using the highest quality leather – completing the perfection that adds the finishing the touch – and hopefully declaring them as the most comfortable ballerina flats ever made and worn.

All ballerina flats contain the signature inner sole and the cushioned ensuring your feet remain comfortable throughout the day.

For more information on upcoming new products, click here.

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