Body: Anatomies of Being

Blessed Unrest Body: Anatomies of Being. Photo Cr: © 2016 John Clemente

Look at you, look at me, and look at all of us. I guarantee after watching this enigmatic production, life will never be the same again. By life, I refer to looking past what you think you see and know and understanding the simplicity of being.

It’s Friday, May 6th, and just as Mother’s Day weekend is rolling around, New Ohio Theatre and IRT Theater invited the public to the world premiere of Body: Anatomies of Being, and to celebrate the work of Jessica Burr (director),Matt Opatrny (writer) and creator/choreographer known as the Blessed Unrest ensemble.

Fun fact: Did you know it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown?

Body: Anatomies of Being exposes the stories of several people and how in common situations strip down (literally) what it means to be in the raw of life and turns the perspective of life, inwards. What are we really thinking of when we see ourselves through the mirrors of others? What are they thinking when they see us and how does our personalities, body image, down to the skin color impact people in society?

The story follows a trauma surgeon caught in between her work and who accidentally allows love to enter her life and is faced with challenges of her own of trying to maintain the balance between work and the invitation to experience love.

An artist who sees and paints far beyond the average vantage point and exceeds to create the perfect balance between how the past is a feeding fuel to the present and is able to avoid the “emotional scars” that we carry to create what we think is outstanding artwork.

A woman who journeys back to Chernobyl while finding ways to accept her partial body parts and demands for the audience to question what is the real meaning of beauty?

How about understanding what it feels like to live in intensely racial limbo tap dance that society has created.

Fun fact: 170 miles is the speed of nerve cells traveling from the brain to the body.

From the moment we wake up, including activities, leading up to sleep – and even death, the body’s job is to keep us alive. Body: Anatomies of Being is exceptionally executed and has done a seamless performance with breaking the so-called awkward attachment of what we deem as perfection as humans.

After all, beauty is only skin deep.

The performance lasts from April 30-May 21. Trust me, you can’t let this production pass you by. Attend with an open heart, and leave entertained and educated. To purchase tickets and for more information, click here.