Bar 8: Mandarin Oriental in Paris

Bar 8: Mandarin Hotel, Paris. 2015 NY Social Agenda ( © Laura Ciccarelli

I am walking along Rue Saint Honoré, in Paris,  when my eyes are attracted to the majestic entrance of a building. Suddenly, I’m in front of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

In a blink, I cross the street and smile at the two austere doormen dressing in grey suits and cylinder hats, that smile at me back and open the door.

I get in and discover the Asian paradise in Paris. The first thing that strikes me is the richness of the garden in the courtyard, bordered by tall windows.

Immediately, I head for the door of the Bar 8 and voilà, I find myself in the chicest lounge bar in Paris.

Stylish, gorgeous – but refined design.

Bamboo corridors, a huge marble counter, light wood floor, sparkling crystal Lalique embedded in the wood walls and purple orchids on the tables.

The soft light and the crystals sparkle reflect on the window overlooking the garden. I sit down in a unique atmosphere.

I’m fully captured -the staff is friendly and welcoming.

The garçons parade between tables and I feel as if I’m in the middle of a Tom Ford Fashion Show. I order something to drink and eat while I connect to the wi-fi. waiter slips a brand new pen with the Mandarin Oriental inscription.

A waiter slips me a brand new pen with the Mandarin Oriental inscription.

I taste different dishes -all of them are able to amaze and conquer me. Cocktails are “WOW!”.

Cocktails are WOW!

Finally, I order a Japanese tea which – unexpectedly, keeps coming refilled, almost indefinitely, until, after three hours, (I’m not kidding) of relaxation I ask for the bill.

A final round in the courtyard and then, satisfied, l get back to my walk along Rue Saint Honorè…



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Laura Ciccarelli was born in Italy on February 3rd, 1986. She graduated in Law and worked first for a Law Firm and then decided to join her family's company working in the transportation's sector. Laura loves travelling and discover the world through Food, Fashion and Art. That's the reason why she decided to open a blog on lifestyle called "3 Lauren Avenue", to write about her feelings and moods mirroring her world's exploration.