Ajay Marthur: 9 to 3

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You know how people say it’s 5’o’clock somewhere, and you should hopefully be doing something fun and entertaining?

According to Ajay Marthur, you should be “Sitting by your cradle,” “Walking by Water,” because “Nothing really matters” with a potential “Latin Lover” while you listen to Ajay serenade you with his tunes from “9 to 3.”

By the way, that’s the name of Ajay’s album and though the rest of the album is quite different from one track to another, it’s amusing trying to figure out Ajay’s style of music.

Is it Rock, Urban Rock, Bluegrass, American folk, Country? It doesn’t matter. What matters the most is his upbeat, eclectic, softly energetic voice that climbs up to make everything all the worries and stresses from the day disappear into the wind from 9 to 3, or longer.

The unexpected and welcomed changes in the beats takes you to another world of distraction necessary to calm down from the day and the slowly transition into the next phase of your agenda.

Ajay has this uncanny way of incorporating some great authentic instruments into his songs changing and combining multiple genres of music into one track and continuing to the next.

One song is as if you’re listening to Indian music, but it sounds Country, with a soft rock definition towards the end. It takes quite a bit of an open mind to learn incorporate new things into one album and making it sound good.

The deets:

Stream 9 To 3 in full at Sound cloud: https://soundcloud.com/9to3/sets/9to3

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AjayMathurMusic

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