2017 Good Spirits: Fun times ahead

2017 Good Spirits. March 2, 2017 Pier A Harbor House, NYC. © 2017 NY Social Agenda (http://nysocialagenda.com). All Rights Reserved.

“Here’s to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life.” 
― F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Beautiful and Damned).

I could be wrong, but I think Mr. F. Scott Fitzgerald is up to something here – and besides what better way to start an article on experiencing good times.

On Thursday, March 2nd, the hectic day could not have ended any other way. Aside from the usual rush to catch the train and go home, why not unwind for a few hours, make new friends at a great annual event titled Good Spirits, presented by Edible Manhattan, celebrating its 5th year.

Located in lower Manhattan, Pier A Harbor House was the lucky venue to host the spirit connoisseurs and anyone looking for a good time.

Pier A in addition to hosting – also had the opportunity to showcase their own signature cocktails as well, while creating a calm and inviting ambiance within the frenzy. That said, let’s pay homage and respect to the spirits and the company they keep.

The event featured and celebrated Almond, The Bedford, Black Dirt Distillery Blue Nectar Tequila, Blujeen, Brooklyn Gin, Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, Cherry Point, Catoctin Creek, Chinola, & Cholula Food company with Hangar1 Vodka. Additionally, Dead Rabbit NYC, Esperanto, Freemans, Four Roses Bourbon, Green Mustache made the list.

If in case you wanted to jazz up the palate rest assured Keith’s Nervous Breakdown Margarita Mix, Kombrewcha, L&W Oyster Co, La Birra di Meni, Macchu Pisco, Maison Pickle got that covered.

Molecular Mixology was there to deliver and serve some edible and drinkable delights to satisfy the nerd in all of us.  In case the hunger pains desired for a carb load up before heading off to other delights Monument Lane, Orwashers in addition to Prohibition Bakery goods made that happen – and gave away some leftovers as well. Good stuff!

Last but not least, Pier A Harbor House, Pippin GelatoSchaller & Weber, Schilling, Tequila Herradura Ultra, Tommyrotter Distillery, Trattoria Machiavelli, Trois Petits Cochons, Two Hands, Two James Spirits, Underdog, Woodford Reserve and Yaguara Cachaça tickled the tongue and quenched the endless thirst during the night as well.

One thing is certain. We do not have control over the chaos in the world. However, it is always a great pleasure to be part of these great events that bring people together in a single place in pursuit of one goal -to have fun in good spirits. For the deets on upcoming events from Edible Manhattan, click here. See you soon.