2016 Valentine’s: Viva La Masquerade


$4Billion is the amount of cash money spent every year in honor Valentine’s Day! That’s insane. When I read that tweet from a trusted source- nonetheless, I was completely thrown off the loop.

Then again, it does make sense since everything relating to heart-shaped balloons, teddy bears, singing telegrams, flowers, dinners, weekend getaways, engagements, therapy for dealing with insane breakups, and much more I’m assuming, these are the true supportive evidence assisting to catapult to the expenditure.

In place of sitting home and taking care of emotional business with a tub of ice-cream, tissues and chick flicks, on February 13, it was the best decision to go downtown – to a quaint little something called the Carnival of Venice Masquerade Ball.

I’m pretty sure if you have been to one masquerade, and you think you’ve been to them all, then I’m certain and willing to bet a lot more than $4Billion on expanding your horizons a bit more – especially after attending this one one-of-a-kind ever-changing annual situation.

Think about every misconceived notion of a typical masquerade, then add in beautiful women dressed up costumes that light up,highly skilled and mysterious BDSM ballerinas doned in sequence take you to secret places, acrobats, duel aerialists, jugglers, live music that dares to entertain and open your world – while slowly peeling away any inhibitions.

Three floors packed with different themes and guests as they walked around taking pictures and/or making out as if no one is watching in this secret society.

Hoop dresses, Victorian age dresses, over the top insanely crafted corsets for the women (and some men), and – well let’s just put it this way – anything goes for anyone willing to step out of the comfort zone and dare to be different – all in the name of St. Valentino.

Live music, great entertainment, the chance to walk around and live in mystery for a few hours – and even though it was tremendously brick cold (4 degrees) nothing can stop New Yorkers from having a great time.

Yes! Sign me up for next year, pretty please. P.s., there is something in it for everyone. There was a fetish night during the eve of the Masquerade held at a secret location.

Hmm, too bad it was missed, however, there is always next year-until then, Viva La Masquerade!

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