2015 Westminster Dog Show



And the winner is number fifteen: The Beagle -Miss P. In case you have no idea, who Miss P is, she happens to be the 2015 reigning Westminster Dog Show Best in Show champion. Where is the time going? One minute it is January, and the next we were counting down days until some major events – including the 2015 annual Westminster Dog Show.

We are not going to lie – our social agenda calendar started operating on high-speed roller skates since the beginning of the year, however, we always look forward to spending some time with the cutest four-legged animals – also known as man’s best friend.

The Westminster Dog Show has been around for a great deal of time – let’s just round that number to about one hundred and thirty-nine years ago.

Think about it. Hashtags, the Internet, nor tweeting wasn’t even thought of – yet, the audience and fans have more than quadrupled in size in the current year of 2015.

Alright, enough of the history lesson. Let’s get on with the show. The event started on Valentine’s Day(with the Agility program) and ran from 2/16-2/17 highlighting different breeds of within each category.

The Agility program winner had a lot of furry participants, however, there can only be one winner – Tex – the five-year-old Border Collie.

Next up, Roo, was the winner of Best All American in the mixed breed. We decided to let our pictures do the rest of the talking for us. If you love dogs as we do and happen to visit New York around February, be sure to stamp the Westminster Dog Show on your next social agenda – and we will see you then.