2015 US Tennis Open: Madness on the court


Let’s just call out the elephant in the room and come to terms with what just happened during the finals of the annual highly anticipated Tennis event of the year known as the US Open.

First of all watching it live beats nothing else in the world – unless you are a truly avid tennis fan and decide to do the grand slam world tour via the television– still opt for watching Tennis live. Forever.

This year’s finale inspired me to use and dub this 2015’s chain reaction as The Tale of Two Cities as a metaphor and also because it didn’t seem real that the top seed in Women’s finals was taken down. Just in a snap of a finger Serena Williams’ journey to win a career grand slam quickly evaporated as Roberta Vinci took out Serena and only to be extinguished by Flavia Pennetta (7-6; 7-4; 6-2).

As a writer and tennis fanatic, when Serena was out of the tournament it was like witnessing a major heartbreak. However, life does go on and as usual, there is always a silver lining and this experience I can only hope – will make next year a better year of competition for all players involved.

In the beginning, during the Australian Open, on the road to Roland Garros (French Open), Wimbledon (London) and finally during the Draw Ceremony leading up to the US Open, the attention and dedication is set by the player’s predictability of their own outcome.

However with more than a thousand people cheering and building the anticipation, the courts are a true decision maker to determine a player’s destiny – whether it’s a win or loss.

One the other hand during the US Open, for all you Novak Djokovic (otherwise known as Djoko) fans were able to experience the phenomena as he took the win over Roger Federer in the men’s finals (6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-4)
Congratulations to all players involved. Good luck to all set high goals of achieving the highest goals for the career, golden and/or super slams. By the way, just a little reminder. In 2016, there is the annual BNP Paribas showdown at Madison Square Garden, and also in the Summer, most players will be heading to Rio (Brazil) for the 2016 Olympics.

2015’s US Open may not have ended the way most of us anticipated, however, with every new year begins a new chance for redemption. See you then, and just remember regarding the US Open, nothing beats being here. Stay tuned for more information by clicking here.

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