2015 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Leanne Marshall

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Leanne Marshall Fall Collection. © 2015 NY Social Agenda (www.nysocialagenda.com)

It’s February 18, 2015 and, even though, there is a fresh patch of snow, that didn’t stop us from attending Leanne Marshall’s 2015 Fall Runway production, during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

We have patiently waited for this event and even though we are sad to accept NY Fashion Week is over until September, we could not wait to view Leanne and her new Fall Collection. Once we entered the Pavilion, the energy of the venue was perfect and we knew it would be an amazing show.

We have enjoyed our time during this awesome week and Leanne’s Runway Show falls in the category of the best way to highlight great talent within all designers.

To view the video from Leanne’s Runway Show, click here. 

In case for some odd reason you are not familiar with Leanne, here’s a quick rundown to jolt your memory.

-By age 12, her designs were being shown to the public in the form of costumes for her ballet and dance performances

-At 18, Leanne won Leanne won the Levi’s Dockers Scholarship and was awarded a year of free tuition at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco where she went on to study.

-In 2006, Leanne relocated to Portland, Oregon where she worked full-time as a graphic designer. In all of her spare moments, she developed and launched her first line (previously named Leanimal).

-In mid-2007, she was able to leave her money job behind and make the leap into designing her own label full-time.

-In 2008, what would become a career-defining year, Leanne was selected as a contestant for Season 5 of Project Runway.

After winning Project Runway, Leanne has relocated to the fashion capital of the world – right here in New York and continues to fulfill her dreams as a designer.

As you can see, this is why we were very excited to attend Leanne’s Runway show and share the experience with you. If you would like to keep up with Leanne, and her upcoming shows, feel free to check out her website by clicking here.

We truly hope you will stamp the Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week on your social agenda, and we will see you again in a few months.

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