Today, on January 11, our social agenda was quite full – and by all means we are not complaining about that at all especially since we had the pleasure to end our night at Webster Hall for the annual GlobalFEST mania.

As we took the liberty to shout it out via our preview, we are always blown away when we attend the actual event. Once we entered, and after taking a few pre-event photos of the venue and rooms, we finally found a good birds eye view of the perfect place to watch everything.

The only fun challenge was toggling in between floors to catch all the scheduled performances. First up on the main ballroom was The Nile Project. We had the pleasure of experiencing eleven members each bringing their own international flavor into the group.

Next up, and straight from Brazil was Bixiga 70 – let’s just say, if you were not awake by then, Bixiga 70 definitely did an amazing job to ensure you were bright eyed and bushy tailed.

During the short intermission, we scurried downstairs to catch Just a Band, from Nairobi and Emil Zrihan (Morocco); hurried across to the other room to for Sam Lee (UK), Kahulanui (Hawaii), The Jones Family Singers (Texas) and Riyaaz Qawwali.

Meanwhile as we entered back into the main Ballroom of Webster Hall, we were thrilled to arrive just in time to hear Zap Mama begin their awesome acapella set.

Did we mention how amazing they were? A great set of vocal cords with three women, a human bass, and a keyboard player is all it took to add on the to the entertainment. Puerto Candelaria (Columbia) sadly was our last source of fun for the night, however, we were not disappointed.

Their performance, hip shaking, tambourine playing, Latin America flavor and spice were enough to get us to a whole different level of energy for the remainder of the night.

Mission accomplished.

A great round of applause for all artists and performances. After attending the 2015 GlobalFEST, – we want more. Stamp this on your social agenda and we hope to see you at the next one.