2015 Dances of Vice Masquerade: Happy Valentine’s Day

Dances of Vice Valentine's Day Masquerade. © 2015 NY Social Agenda (www.nysocialagenda.com)

Welcome to February 14, 2015 – otherwise known as Valentine’s Day to everyone. This year was even cooler and intense in a good way – because this happened to fall smack in the middle of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Regardless, we were literally counting down the hours to attend the 2015 Dances of Vice Valentine’s Masquerade.

We have attended our fair share of masquerades in the past, however, this particular one tops our list as number one – from now until we find a replacement.

That’s right – let that sink in!

Then again, we don’t want a second option – this is the next pit stop for all future Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Why did we enjoy ourselves so much – you ask? For starters, the name itself basically prepared us for an event unlike any other. Upon arrival, we were magically transplanted into another world altogether for five hours.

Let’s start with the classy and chic atmosphere created by women dolled up in 1920’s gowns, accessorized by beautiful and long strings of pearls, satin gloves, and amazingly crafted masks.

The men dressed in old school tuxedos held up with suspenders and the audacity to show up and look good.

The night started out with a delicious Turkish dinner with tantalizing dishes that kept us truly satisfied. Then it was time to party and celebrate life – masquerade style.

Three floors packed with unique and fun interactive games sessions (including amateur stripping and lap dances) women wearing fire, belly dancers, people walking around with gigantic boas, trombones piercing through the hallways beckoning for our attention and other music seduced our feet to start swing dancing.

It was impossible to keep still – then again it’s Valentine’s Day. If we wanted to relax, we could have easily opted out and stayed home with a barrel of ice cream, chick flicks and an endless supply of Kleenex -however, we were super happy to make the executive decision to attend this awesome event.

The entire ambiance heightened the silent sexual energy between people – especially after discovering the empty phone booths strategically placed between each floor.

We enjoyed watching strangers become temporary “friends” as they stole kisses from one another and then moved along as if nothing happened.

We are thinking the masks had something to do with that. As the saying goes, whatever happens at a Masquerade – stays here. Can you keep a secret? So can we.

The best way to describe this entire experience is to imagine if the words “mystery” and “curiosity” had a baby- and named it La Vie Parisienne.

Pros: Best Valentine’s Day- ever!

Cons: Refer to Pros.

We will return at the venue on March 28th for the Corset Ball. Got your attention? For more information, click here.

We desperately urge you to stamp this particular Masquerade on your social agenda and we hope to see you there next time. You owe it to yourself in the name of fun to experience the Dances of Vice Valentine’s Day Masquerade – at least once.

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