Wednesday, June 28, 2017
2014 Westminster Dog show: Sky in the Making

2014 Westminster Dog show: Sky in the Making


Once upon a time – circa one hundred thirty-eight years ago to be exact, the Westminster Kennel Club was born. During that time it is safe to say a wide range of dogs have entered this event in hopes to become the “Best in Show.”

 This could possibly be considered another form of the Olympics, however, only reserved for man’s best friend. Since we enjoyed attending last year it was only right to repeat our attendance yet again in 2014.
That said, as soon as we entered Madison Square Garden on February 10 (the first day of competition) the energy of mingling with the four-legged superstars backstage was exhilarating and we couldn’t wait for the show to begin.
First item on the list was a beautiful performance by the cast of Jersey Boys who opened up the festivities by singing the National Anthem. Shortly thereafter the Blood-hound group made their way to the floor. Though there were several varieties including the Greyhound, Irish Wolfhound, and Norwegian Elk-hound, Nathan – the blood-hound took the win for his category.

2014 hound winner John Ashbey 300x198 2014 Westminster Dog show: Sky in the Making

Move over Banana Joe – the Affenpinscher and 2013′s overall winner strutted his stuff with additional competitors in the toy group. This includes the Pekingese, Chihuahua, Pug, and so many others. Though we were sad to bid adieu to Mr. Banana Joe, we welcomed Classie- the Miniature Pinscher with open arms.

2014 toywinner John Ashbey 300x217 2014 Westminster Dog show: Sky in the Making

Calling all Boston Terriers, Chow Chows (famous for their blue tongues), French Bulldogs, and Dalmatians, the Non-Sporting Group is all you. We had a sneak peek at Ally – the Standard Poodle and winner indulging in “dog nap” before showtime.
The last category of day one is the Herding group. Remember that T.V. show – Lassie? Yep that’s right, this is where all the Collies, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Sheepdogs belong. And the winner is: Coco Posh – the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

2014 herding winner Coco Posh 300x226 2014 Westminster Dog show: Sky in the Making

The second day was the finale. The night starts off with the Harlem Boys and Girls Choir piercing through with yet another great and beautifully sung National Anthem. The Sporting category is first in line on the green carpet. And we are excited to announce the Irish Water Spaniel as the winner.

Irish water spaniel 2014 Westminster Dog show: Sky in the Making

The working group parades through and though there are close to thirty breeds including the Great Mastiff, Siberian Huskie, and Great Dane to name a few – the Water Poodle holds his stance from last year.

2014 working winner water dog john ashbey 300x228 2014 Westminster Dog show: Sky in the Making

The last and final group are the terriers. This is where Sky- the Wire Fox Terrier somewhat is in line to meet her destiny. All winners from each category take their place once again for one final stroll. While we anxiously wait for the winner, a wave erupts through the Garden. Judge Betty Regina Laininger chose Sky as the Best in Show over fan favorite- Nathan (the blood-hound) making it the fourteenth win in its breed.

2014 terrier winner sky john ashbey 300x211 2014 Westminster Dog show: Sky in the Making

Overall it was another wonderful experience and we learned so much in two days. See you next year.