Do you love Tennis and NYC as much as us? I hope the answer is yes – and even if it is not then we are hoping to slowly transition you into a super fan of this great city, the sport – or perhaps both by this time next year.

Welcome to the 2014 Tennis US Open -let’s deuce.

Where do we even start? Somewhere in a land far away (Flushing, NY) at a place called the Arthur Ashe Stadium. For two weeks starting from August 25th – September 8, we decided to partake in our annual pilgrimage to something called the Tennis US Open – never heard of it?

Well, it’s somewhat of a big deal – actually it’s an epic situation. Since there is so much court to cover, we hope we don’t forget anything.

Before we even start, a big congratulations to the top seed, Serena Williams in the singles category (against top seed Caroline Wozniacki) with a final score of 6-3, 6-3. This is her first Grand Slam, and she is the first to win three consecutive US Opens since Chris Evert’s career in 1970’s. Serena has six titles under her belt and this tournament will be her eighteenth.

Another round of applause goes to Marin Cilic (CRO) for his first title against Kei Nishikori with a score of 6-6-6; Maria Sharapova defeating Maria Kirilenko and Novak Djokovic wins over Diego Schwartzman.

August 21, 2014: Draw Ceremony

Similar to our attendance in 2013, we were excited to ignite our taste buds with Chefs David Burke, Tony Mantuano, Masaharu Morimoto and USTA’s Executive Chef Jim Abbey. We could be here all night describing each menu item in detail, therefore, to save time, we will let the pictures speak.

We also had the pleasure of watching Chef Morimoto teach Romanian Tennis superstar- Simona Halep how to roll Sushi – and that was awesome. Want to learn for yourself? Watch the video here:

What a great way to start the two- week frenzy with Maria Sharapova defeating Maria Kirilenko and Novak Djokovic win over Diego Schwartzman.

That’s how things go down at the 2014 Tennis US Open

If you have never attended the US Open, do yourself a favor – buy tickets and get here. Stamp this on your social agenda and we hope you enjoyed the 2014 Tennis US Open as we did.