1st annual Brunch Eats: Dinner for champs!


First of all, doing Brunch is an obligation and responsibility of every Manhattan-ite! Commit and partake in this amazing social situation especially if you have never succumbed to the bottomless Brunch phenomena, do it!

On Tuesday, May 11, the 1st annual Brunch Eats presented by Village Voice took place at the awesome and amazing Intrepid Museum. In case you have never been to this exquisite West Side attraction – attending this event should have made it the perfect time to make that cameo.

Brunch Eats replaced the former annual event known as Choice Streets – and despite the chilly weather all foodies alike warmed up pretty quickly while inside.

For goodness sake, Brunching has become an actual verb, now – and it’s only right for Merriam-Webster Dictionary to add it to their endless list of important words. If you weren’t there and/or the jealousy poured out after skimming through social media, then allow me to take you on a virtual memory to see what you missed.

Fried jelly doughnuts, sweetened apricots resting on melted crème de Fraiche, waves of mascarpone cheese scooped over fresh and warm oatmeal, a rainbow fruit medley with every berry in existence and then for kicks – swirl some hot fudge in the mix.

Love bagels? Who doesn’t?! Simple carbs are a girl’s best friend. How about stuffing mini bagels with prosciutto, scrambled eggs, and sauteed mushrooms. As if that wasn’t enough. How about some pork belly and serve it on eggs – sunny side up if you please. Fresh salmon crostinis – and is that shaved truffle? Is this heaven?!

Who came out to provide this wonderful tasting carnival? A few local friends who go by the name of Barbounia, Bustan, Butter & Scotch, Calle Dao, Champs Diner, Dough, Edi & The Wolf, Ess-a-Bagel, Eugene & Co., Grandaisy, Irvington, Jianbing, and Kingsley.

Just when you think it’s over, it doesn’t end there. The museum expands while following the trance of this sultry voice serenading guests with 1920’s and Le Fond, Mezetto, Mr. Purple, Nha Minh, Osteria Cotta, Solber Pupusas, Streets BK, The Black Ant, Tom’s Restaurant, TygerShark, Underwest Donuts, and Xe May continued to hook you up.

Thirsty? Deep Eddy Vodka, a circle of brewskies and many other libations got you covered. I’m certain Brunch Eats will repeat itself next year – because it would be a sin not to. However, in the meantime, cruise down to the Village Voice website for more information on cool things.

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